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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Aria the Natural 1

Ai is visiting the Aria Company and helping them out for breakfast because of Carnival. She has decided to stay with them for the entire day and not going to be with her sister and baby. President Aria leaves the others to do his yearly thing during Carnival which Akari thinks that he goes to a cat meeting setup by the Cat King aka Cait Sith. Akari and Ai meet up with Aika who wonder where Alicia was which Akari tells her that she's finishing up some work. Ai asks Aika where President Hime was which she went off on her own just like President Aria did earlier which just proves Akari's story about the cat meeting. They were looking at some masks called Bautas which is part of the Carnival tradition to wear them along with a Tabarro, a large black mantle. Ai was deciding on a mask when Akira scared her with a mask. Then Alice along with Athena who wears a mask upside down shows up which Alicia shows up a few moments later. Alicia picks out a cat mask for Ai which Athena starts treating her like a cat. Akatsuki and Woody meet up with the others which Akatsuki and Aika trade insults with each other. Suddenly, a tall masked person appeared to the people surrounded by some animals. The tall figure is called Casanova which according to legend that he lived in 18th century Venice who was a prison escapee, intellectual, adventurer, and celebrity. There's a rumor that the person playing Casanova has been doing it for hundreds of years.

Ai and Akari are spacing out while having coffee with Alice and Aika until they saw one of the small creatures circling Casanova. They decided to chase after it to find out Casanova's identity. Eventually, Akari and Ai get seperated from Alice and Aika but they managed to find Casanova and the other creatures. Akari asks it if they seen Alice and Aika which they haven't. Then the small creatures are playing with some instruments while one of them gives them some bells and a castanet. Akari and Ai joined in with Casanova and the others playing with the instruments. Then Casanova takes back the instruments and gives them a flower and tells them that they can't continue any further. One of the small creatures tugged on Akari's dress telling them not to continue any further and reveal itself to be President Aria. Akari and Ai forgot why they were there when suddenly they see a bright glow from behind them which Casanova revealed himself to be Cait Sith. Al finds Akari and Ai on a bench which he alerted Aika and the others to them which they asked where they have been. Alicia notices that they were holding a jasmine flower which Casanova loved jasmine perfume. Akari and Ai tells them that Casanova is a fairy which Aika, Alice, and Al were confused.

Aria the Natural continues on where the first season ended as Akari, Aika, Alice, Alicia, Akira, and Athena continue to have their adventures on the planet Aqua in the city of Neo-Venezia. The season starts off with Akari and Ai who first appeared in the first episode of the first season having another adventure involving the legend of Cait Sith. It was fitting to have those two being the focus of the first episode since they started out with them in the first episode of the first season as well. The second season has kept the spirit alive from the first season so expected the same thing as before which isn't a bad thing but I would like some change of pace though. I don't really mind the new OP and ED as well. The title of the next episode is Looking For That Treasure.


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