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Monday, April 24, 2006

Aria the Natural 2

Akari, Aika, and Alice were practicing together on a warm winter day which they noticed the blossoms falling down from the city in the sky. Then Alice switched with Aika at a statue of Maria which Aika noticed something odd as they were about to leave the area. They find a fake brick which reveals a hiding spot for a chest that contain a map. The map says that if followed it would lead them to a treasure and gives them a clue to the location. The clue says "At the Leather Boot Calle, take a break from marching loudly and vigorously." Aika thinks the treasure is a fake and wants to continuing practicing but Akari and Alice convince her to do the treasure hunt. They arrived at the location which Alice knows this since she takes walks along the city. Akari finds the chest in a hole of a wall marked by a piegon which the chest has another map inside of it. The clue this time is "I'm waiting in the little Campo at the little window by the Magic Lamp." They arrived at an area where a couple performers which one of them replaces President Aria's hat with a different one and has the other one on a balloon which he carries around. Alice finds the another chest in a grate and reveals another map. The clue this time is "If you follow the shadow in the Cafe's aroma there will be a single shiny stone." Once again, Alice figures out the location of the clue which leads them to a cafe on San Marco Square. Alice mentions that the cafe has been around for 580 years when it was established in Venice. While having caffe lattes, Alice and Aika leave Akari to search for the chest which she notices an old man who seem familiar to her. She gets another caffe latte and milk from the old man which she returns the favor to him with a caffe latte.

Everyone suddenly gets up and starts to move the tables and chairs. Akari was quite confused by this which the old man tells her that the cafe moves into the shadow a few times during the time to keep the wine's taste being ruined by the sun. The old man joins Akari and President Aria and drank a few more caffe lattes as he mentions he spends most of the year at the cafe. Akari notices one of the stones on the ground is shiny and finds another chest under it. The clue this time is "What lurks in the Murderous Calle is a black cat with sparkling black eyes." The name Murderous doesn't mean that there was a murder there. They leave the old man before going to the Murderous Calle and finding the black cat with another chest. They find a few more chests which one of them says "If you go down Comedy Calle it's another world in the sky." They arrived at the place but they aren't any stairs in the immediate area. President Aria wanders off by himself which he leads them to a hidden stairwell. They go down the stairwell which they end up overlooking the entire city. This view ends up being the goal of the treasure hunt which there was a message saying "Now you got a treasure in your heart." Alice suggests that they should return the treasure maps to the places which they agreed and find out that many people have done this hunt as well and return the maps. Alicia visits the old man at the cafe as Akari and the others returned to the cafe. She tells them that the old man is the manager of the cafe not the expert of San Marco Square. Akari thinks the person who made up the hunt is an expert of Neo-Venezia which made her enjoy the city a lot more. The old man calls Akari an expert of happiness and wants her to come back to the cafe.

This episode shows how the journey is more important than the goal itself as Akari and the others went around the city on a treasure hunt. Sure, they didn't get any material wealth but of it they got something more important as they got a memory of a lifetime. They even kept the spirit of the hunt alive by returning the maps to the places they found them so that other people will experience the same thing that they did and hopefully those people will have friends along doing it. The next episode title is called That Night of the Meteor Shower.


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