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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Basilisk Review

It took me a while but I managed to finish off Basilisk. The series is about two clans of ninjas facing off in a renewed rivality to determine who's going to be the next Shogun. It sounds simple but there's a lot more to it as the leaders of the clan have a loving relationship with each other but one of the ninjas named Tenzen secretly withholds information about the rivality from the other clan. There's lots of power play and strategy during this rivality that makes things interesting along with the relationships between the selected ninjas within their own clan along with the enemy. It has a Ninja Scroll type of battles with freaky powers and massive amounts of blood being sprayed. The characters on both sides had a wide range of personalities with Oboro being nice and gentle while Tenzen was just pure evil. Gennosuke was probably the character who you couldn't tell what he's thinking most of the time. He does love Oboro but he's willing to kill her because the government tells him to. The ending of Basilisk was kinda the way I expected to be. I knew that Oboro and Gennosuke wouldn't really have a battle and that there would be a death. I think a good twist would be to have them fighting it out instead of the way it was done. The music was very good while the animation itself was decent if you compared it to Ninja Scroll which was very crisp.

Overall, Basilisk is a good ninja series that has physical and political action but the pace of the series changes throughtout for being too slow at times. Some of the politics in Basilisk can be quite boring which also included some of the flashbacks. This series need to have action in order to keep me actively watching it. Also, some people wouldn't like some of the character designs for being too horroric to watch along with the extremely of the violence and sex. I'll give the series a 3 out of 5.


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