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Friday, April 07, 2006

Bleach 73-74

Kon thought that someone brought the rain which Ichigo stomp on him and then sees Gyuru and Ginta emerging from the rain. Kon asks Lily why they couldn't detect them which she says that they can't detect the dolls because they are merged with the rain. The twin Bounts, Hou and Bun, showed up and merged their dolls together. Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji distracted the dolls while Sado, Orihime, and Ishida run away from them. Ichigo and the others were surrounded by water from the dolls while Ishida wanted to give up which Sado and Orihime refused to do so. Yoshi was looking at an old doll when Utagawa appeared next to her and wanted her to go back to Kariya, her former lover. She refused to do so as she doesn't want to be a part of his plans. Ganju and Hanatarou finished their shifts at the 7/11 which they both admitted that they were sent here to investigate a weird spirit force from Shiba and Unohana when they detected a spirit force. Ichigo and the others try to escape the dolls but they were eventually released when Hou and Bun decided to go after Ishida. Sado and Orihime encountered with the dolls which they tried to hold them off from capturing Ishida.

Sado continues his attack on the dolls which seem to be ineffective at first until he managed to seperate Hou and Bun to cause the dolls to stop their attacks. Ichigo realizes that the twins need each other to control the dolls at their fullest extent. A man reads a book with barely any light when a man named Koga enters the room and asks about the others which the man says they haven't arrived yet. Sado and the others found an abandoned warehouse to hide from the twins while Ishida wants them to run away but the twins managed to find them. The dolls managed to capture Ishida and squeezes him to death in order to stop the others from attacking. Then they make Ichigo and the others suffocated from the inside out. Nova begins to make Hou and Bun teleported from place to place in order to be seperated and managed to knock out Bun. Ichigo and the others broke free of the dolls' control and freed Ishida from the dolls. Hou has Gyuru attacked Ichigo and the others which they aren't getting anywhere with their attacks until Ganju and Hanatarou showed up. Ganju throws one of his fireworks at Gyuru that has a fuse that works in water which destroys both dolls. Hou and Bun both aged very rapidly before turning into dust due to the destruction of their dolls. Orihime notices that Ishida ran away during the battle and walking alone on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, Kariya greets the other Bounts and gets the news that they have been defeated in battle.

Ishida wanders on the sidewalk while the others tried to find him with no success. They get mad at him from throwing them away. Ishida soon collaspes on the sidewalk and notices Yoshi approaching him. He recovers at Yoshi's place and wonders why he didn't tried to escape from her. She helped him because he has lonely eyes and thought his reason for leaving the others was sad. He asks her if she's been watching the town without associating with the people along if the Bounts need to live in perfect harmony which she answers yes to both questions. Kariya says to the other Bounts that they need to break free from the shadows of history while Yoshi just wants to die properly. Koga asks Kariya why they were summoned right now which he says that they have found a Quincy and needs their help to capture him. Ichinose Maki's spirit force has been detected which the 11th Squad is interested in since he's a former member of the squad. Kenpachi wants to leave him alone but Yachiru feels responsible though. Maki challeged Kenpachi to a fight after he defeated the former captain in a duel. He tells Yachiru and Kenpach that he's leaving the squad since his captain is dead now. Urugawa asks Maki what Kariya's true purpose which he doesn't know and just wants to serve Kariya. Ichigo continues to search for Ishida but with no success.

Yoshi says that she envies humans for their short life spans and during her time as a Bount, she had to avoid people in order to not to be notice her lack of aging. She was call a witch at one point and decided to kill herself until Kariya showed up and gave her a reason to live. They became lovers over time but her love for Kariya ended when she realized how evil he was. He wants to possess godlike power which he needs to go to the Hollow world to do so. She saw him feeding on a living soul which made her realized that she couldn't forgive him for it. She wants to defeat Kariya by herself and doesn't want Ishida's help. Yoshi tells him that he can't get captured by the Bounts and feels that he has some power left. Before she left, he tells her that he could have run away but didn't because of her lonely eyes and wants to go with her. Meanwhile, Koga is lurking around the corner to capture Ishida.

The first episode concluded Ichigo and the others fight against Hou and Bun which Ichigo actually used his head to defeat them. The second half of the episode focused on Yoshi and Ishida which she tells him that she used to love Kariya and feels that she should have stop him long ago. There are more Bounts making their appearance which the two most important ones are Koga and Maki. Maki is a former member of the 11th Squad who could be a Bount/Shinigami which Kenpachi may make his appearance in the human world to search for him. I didn't like these two episodes as much and hope that it will be better soon. The next episode is another one hour special which Yoshi fights against Koga and along with Ichigo and Rukia investigating an old house.


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