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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bleach 75-76

The lights goes out at Yoshi's place as Koga bursts into the room which she summons Goethe to fight against him. Koga summons his doll, Noruka in response which is made up of a bunch of metal balls. The doll attacks Yoshi, Goethe, and Ishida with metal balls which they escaped to the roof to avoid them. Goethe engages the doll in combat but it wasn't being too effective as Ishida grabs a pipe and tries to fight it with no success. Goethe blasts the doll with its fire powers but it wasn't destroyed as it glows a fiery red now. It shoots Goethe with a gun and then focuses on Ishida and Yoshi. The doll hits both Goethe and Yoshi which makes Goethe disappeared and proceeds to cool off with water from a water towel. Ishida protects a knocked out Yoshi which the doll wasn't allowed to hurt Ishida in any way. He decided to protect her because he didn't want to run away anymore as Lilin managed to pick up the trail of Yoshi and Koga. Ichigo tells Lilin and the other mod souls to stop walking around because it would attract unwanted attention. They arrived at the battleground which Ishida, Yoshi, and Koga have disappeared and figured out that there was a battle for Ishida. Lilin and the others suggest that they can track the Bounts down but she complains that she wishes that she was in a gigai so her abilities would be greater. Ichigo then suggests that they should take it out on their own which they immediately went around town to go back into their bodies. Lilin and the others tried to downplay their stupidity about not knowing that they can remove it from the stuff animals. Meanwhile in Soul Society, the Captains and Vice-Captains have a meeting which Mayuri tells them that his data bank was invaded which has a trap that would destroy all the data in it if they tried to remove it. He asks if anyone related to the criminal to come forward so he can dump them in sulfuric acid. Ukitake stops him from doing anything rash but he will deal with the problem in his own way in the future. Kenpachi thinks that the data bank and Maki could be related. Back in the real world, Orihime tells the others about a mansion that people are very rich but people haven't seen them before which is Kariya's place. Udagawa throws Yoshi in a dark room which he tells her that Kariya doesn't care about her anymore. Ichigo and the others split up to find Ishida as Udagawa tells Kariya if he wants to see Ishida which he does. As they were walking in the hallway, Utagawa tries to get Kariya to tell him about the plan which he refuses to talk about it. Ichigo and Rukia finds the mansion which she senses eight Bounts before moving on. Ishida is imprisoned by Koga's doll with the other Bounts surrounding him when Kariya walks into the room. He says that the Quincy and Bounts are forbidden existances and tries to get him to join him by returning his lost power even though he never mention anything about it. Kariya has Ishida transferred to another room of the mansion which Koga gives Ishida a warning about Kariya's kindness and cruelty. Orihime and Sado are lost trying to find the mansion while being spied on. Rukia and Ichigo are lost inside of the mansion due to a continuous line of stratum and influence of magnetic forces which are messing up their sense of direction as one of the spy things attacked them. Then a bunch of them chased after them which caused them to go onto the roof and met up with the mod souls. They were chased by the eye dolls as well which exhausted Nova's power. Then they ran from a bunch of the eye dolls and entered a room with the Bounts in it. Kariya introduces himself to Ichigo and the others.

Kariya knows that Ichigo is a Death God substitute as they notice a red aura surrounding him. Kariya knows both Ichigo's and Rukia's names which shocks them. Everyone excepts Ichigo runs away as he stays behind to fight the Bounts in particular, Udagawa. He says that Bounts don't fight as a group and even has Kariya drop his summoning crest on the floor so the other Bounts won't interfere as their dolls are their only offense. Ichigo is wrapped by Udagawa's snakes which leaves him open for an attack. Rukia and the others are trying to find Ishida as Ichigo is distracting the Bounts for time. Lilin senses one Bount that isn't with the others and assumes that it is watching Ishida. Rukia suddenly stops as she detects another presense which isn't a Bount but Maki the Death God. Maki tells them that the single Bount is Yoshi and introduces himself to the others. He stabs Claude from behind as Lilin creates a jungle illison but her efforts were quickly counteracted as he easilys defeats Nova and Lilin. Maki asks why Rukia is in a gigai which she doesn't say and attacks him with a demon spell with no effect. He wa surprised by Rukia's power and knows that she has greater power but she hasn't recovered her full powers yet. She asks why he joined up with the Bounts which after leaving the 11th Squad, Kariya gave him a reason to live. Ishida feels Ichigo and the others' spirit force while Yoshi tries to escape. Meanwhile, Ichigo is still fighting against Udagawa and his doll and manages to get a hit on him. The previous attacks that Udagawa did was for a snake net.

The snake net allows a bunch of snakes come out from a surface which is based off the spinal reflex. It's faster than the Flash Step itself which Ichigo asks how they know about the Flash Step which they don't answer at all. Ichigo eventually gets captured by the snake net and gets slammed into a wall. Udagawa apologizes to Kariya for damaging his mansion as Maki is dealing with Rukia and the others but Ichigo got back up. Ichigo's spirit force protected his body just like how Kenpachi's force protected him. Udagawa uses the snake net again but Ichigo counterattacks with Getsuga Tenshou. The attack causes part of the mansion to collaspe which makes Maki head towards Kariya and leaves Rukia alone. Ichigo didn't held back the power because no humans were around to be damaged. Udagawa has Freedo take Kariya's crest so he could lead the Bounts but the others don't want to follow him. Kariya isn't worried about Udagawa taking his crest which he realizes that he's scared. Udagawa attacks Kariya with Freedo which he managed to block it and says that he didn't take off his crest. Maki shows up and defeats Udagawa with his Soul Slayer, Nijigasumi. Maki knows that Ichigo defeated Kenpachi and wants to fight him. Ichigo accepts the challenge as he wants to know why he joined up with the Bounts.

These two episodes were better than the previous episodes as it had some action along with some plot advancement. Maki was probably the one who planted the trap in the data bank while under Kariya's orders along with telling them information about Death Gods. Udagawa tries a power play move on Kariya and fails miserbly at it because he wanted to know his plan for them along with that he could lead them better. There's new OP and ED songs in these episodes which are alright but I liked previous ones better though. The next episode explains Maki's actions along with Ishida and Yoshi getting free.


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