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Friday, April 21, 2006

Bleach 77

Lilin wakes up and thinks that Claude and Nova are nearly dying and tries to get them awake. Rukia sees that Claude is just faking to be dead along with Nova who zips up his hood. Claude makes up a fake excuse for his actions only to get a slap from Lilin. Ichigo fights Maki who avoids his rainbow haze attacks by mere instinct but unable to score a hit on him. Maki uses his Nijigasumi attack against Ichigo which he counters it with an explosion of spirit energy. Kariya orders Maki to stop his attack and allow him to deal with Ichigo which he agrees to. While Kariya approaches Ichigo, Maki has a flashback when Kenpachi and the former 11th Captain was dueling for the seat of captain. He was talking to Tousen outside of the arena saying that Zaraki shouldn't be allowed to duel him since he believes that the 11th Captain is important for Soul Society which Tousen agrees and wants Kenpachi dead as well. A moment later, Kenpachi is declared the winner and the scene from before occurs once again. Maki talks to Kenpachi about fighting him but he refuses as he wants him to take the exam to become captain. Kenpachi tells him that he won't be able to cut him and that if he can get a cut on him, he would consider a duel with him. He tries to get a cut on him but he was unable to do so as Kenpachi tells him that he's an ivy as he needs to grow his own roots before he could figure out the meaning of life.

Maki went to down to the human world shortly afterwards the events in Soul Society. He can't return to Soul Society because he would be punished for going there without permission. He was wandering in a desert when he sees a village being attacked by a Hollow and attacks it when it was about to swallow a child. Maki wasn't able to defeat the Hollow and was about to eaten when Kariya stopped the Hollow with just one finger. Kariya pushes the Hollow away and gives Maki back his soul slayer which he kills it a few moments later. At that point, Maki joined up with Kariya and his goal. Back in the present, Kariya asks Ichigo to give himself to him which Ichigo refuses and uses Getsuga Tenshou on him. The attack misses and Kariya slaps Ichigo into a wall. A few moments later, he uses one finger to stop Ichigo from moving and flicks him into the wall. Maki and Kariya were about to leave Ichigo alone but Ichigo decided to resist further which Maki wanted to kill him right there. A moment later, Ururu was bombing the mansion which gives Yoruichi a chance to retrieve Ichigo by using her Flash Cry. Lilin and the others found Ishida in one of the rooms which he finds Yoshi in a different room and managed to convince them to take her as well. Nova teleports the Rukia and the others to Sado and Orihime who were outside with Ichigo and Yoruichi. Kariya isn't worried about Yoshi and Ishida escaping as they will come back to him.

This episode ends Ichigo's first battle with Maki and Kariya who managed to beat the crap out of him. It also reveals how Maki joined up with Kariya which seems that he can't follow his own path and needs someone to follow or otherwise, he's useless. Kenpachi tried to make Maki understand this but in the end, he was unsuccessful. It looks like Ichigo is going to need some serious training if he's going to stand a chance against Kariya who stopped him with just one finger. The next episode has Ichigo doing some training with some scenes of Kariya and Soul Society.


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