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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bleach OVA 2

A ceremony is taking place at a temple when one of the statues broke apart and released so much energy that it killed everyone in the immediate area. Ichigo and Rukia were having a relaxing Sunday until Yuzu enters his room to get him help his father who was just shot by Renji. He's pretending to be a detective to get Ichigo to come with him which he does after kicking Renji around for a little bit. Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji have some lunch at a fast food place which Ichigo lectures at Renji for being less than tact at his house and wants to know the reason for coming to his house. Hanatarou shows up to give them their burgers which he was on business but somehow he came to work there. Before Renji could explain the situation to them, an explosion occurs nearby which a massive Shinigami appears from the smoke. Renji shoots him with the gun but it didn't work and got stabbed with a throwing dagger. Ichigo transforms into a shinigami and fights the massive shinigami called Blade but his attacks weren't effective and ends up getting some of his spirit power sucked out of him. Renji and Rukia weren't able to remove Blade from Ichigo until Hitsugaya showed up and called him Baishin. Baishin released a bunch of Hollows before he disappeared. Ichigo recovers at Urahara's store when Hitsugaya tells him about Baishin who was a Shinigami from 400 years ago. He went mad one day and killed 63 Shinigami including two captains before being sealed. Their orders are to either seal him in 12 hours or kill him. Renji and Ichigo argue with each other as usual before Hitsugaya inject himself and telling them about the Hollows attracted to Baishin's spirit power. Ichigo called Hitsugaya Shorty because he forgot his name and wanted to join up with him but Hitsugaya left afterwards. A few moments later Sui Fong, Shunsui, Yoruichi, and Ukitake appeared in front of them. They mention that Kenpachi was supposed to be with them but with Yachiru as his guide, they got lost and tells the others to deal with the Hollows. They all left to find Baishin leaving Ichigo behind. Kenpachi meet up with a few Hollows and quickly defeats them before continuing to find Baishin. Rukia, Ichigo, and Renji engaged a few Hollows which they managed to take care so easily until Ichigo suddenly fell down. Rukia ask if he was ok which Ichigo managed to get back up and ignored her concern. Kon was walking alone until he encountered a Hollow and starts to run away until he sees Karin and Jinta heading towards them. He ends up being used as a weapon by them to defeat the Hollow. Ukitake, Shunsei, and Sui Fong engaged some Hollows while Yoruichi searchs for Baishin. Yachiru has Kenpachi chased after a train while Renji, Rukia, and Ichigo arrived at the temple where Baishin was sealed. Ichigo releases his spirit power in order to draw out Baishin and admits that Baishin sucked out some of his spirit power. Ichigo engages Baishin which he couldn't do any real damage to him and gets some more of his spirit powers sucked out of him. Rukia managed to stop the draining of the power but almost gets stabbed by him if Renji didn't protect her in time. He was stabbed by the knives and uses his most powerful attack on him but it was ineffective against him. Baishin summons his bankai which his skin became metallic which Hitsugaya shows up and attacks him with his own bankai. Baishin managed to stop his bankai attack as the other captains managed to catch up. They realized that he's going to explode soon and cannot be sealed at this point. Ichigo grabs Baishin's angle and gets back up as he realizes that Baishin doesn't have a Soul Slayer even though he's a Shinigami. Ichigo fights Baishin again and summons his bankai which he manages to defeat him. He realized that Baishin merged with his soul slayer while fighting him which Ukitake said it was fine to polish his skills to the extreme but he couldn't return to normal. Yoruichi thinks that Baishin tried to use Ichigo's spirit power to return back to normal and now the only thing left of Baishin is his soul slayer. Meanwhile, Kenpachi is still chasing after the train while Ichigo and Renji argued with each other as usual.

I really liked the OVA which had some good action and had great animation compared to some of the recent TV episodes. It's not part of the manga or anime storyline so I didn't mind any of the continuity errors with it. The only problem with it was that Baishin should have been more interesting instead of crazy guy who's soul slayer drove him mad. It was nice to see the OVA compared to the recent filler arc but I still have the manga for great Bleach action. At the end of it has the various Soul Society members in various outfits including Byakuya in an old rich person's outfit which Rukia was adoring him while Renji and Ichigo were embarrassed by him. There was even an appearance of Aizen, Gin, and Tousen at the very end.


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