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Friday, April 07, 2006

Canvas Two 23

Elis and Hiroki are back at the apartment after checking out Elis from the hospital when Kiri called. He was talking to her which Elis decides to buy some paint. She gets to the store and realizes that she couldn't buy it because she forgot her purse. Takeuchi sees her at the store which they decided to get some coffee and had a chat. She asks Elis about France which she thinks that if she goes that something good will happen. Takeuchi then mentions that Elis doesn't really understand anything as she has a great oppurtinity to draw and doesn't want her to use drawing as an escape. Before she leaves on her motorcycle, she tells Elis that she should take drawing seriously. Elis was walking back home which she promises herself that she wants to draw the sunset. She arrives back home and tells Hiroki that she wants something to eat while she draws. Elis is back at school which Hiroki looks at her while Hagino and Sumire are concerned about him. Elis thanks Takeuchi for helping her to make the decision to go to France while Saginomiya gives Hiroki part of Elis's paperwork since she forgot to fill out one section of the paperwork. Before Hiroki leaves her office, she says that it would be lonely without Elis but he says it's good for her to study aboard. Kiri and Hiroki are at a cafe which she asks him if he wants to cancel the trip because of Elis which Hiroki tells her stop being so suspicious. Hiroki comes back home and finds Elis sleeping on her bed. He hands her the papers from Saginomiya which she mentions that she wants to go to her grandmother's place in Paris for Christmas and staying over at Tomiko's house for Christmas Eve. She tells him that she's going to study art very hard and to date Kiri.

Sumire talks to Hiroki which she asks about his painting for her which he hasn't drawn it and not going to do since he will be a teacher soon and won't have the time to draw. She tells him that he and Elis are lying to themselves. Elis talks to Tomiko in the hospital which she's going to leave Japan on Christmas Day for the surgery and move forward together. Hagino talks to Hiroki about how they don't talk as much anymore and punches his head for not realizing her feelings. She asks him for advice about her guy main character which is Hirok. He asks her for the conclusion of the story but Shie shows up and takes Hagino away which she meets Hiroki face to face. Kiri calls Hiroki while he was shopping for Elis which he suggests that they should spent Christmas here instead of traveling for Christmas and tells her about Elis going to France. He finds a pair of heart earrings for Kiri as a Christmas present. Elis wakes up Hiroki for once instead of the other way around. As they were walking to school, she tells him that she enjoyed being Hiroki throughout the years. It's the Christmas party where Takeuchi and other members of the art club are maids while Hagino talks to Hiroki in her pink santa outfit. She tells him that the main character in the story couldn't be sincere with his feelings and ends up regretting what he did. She tells him that he must write his own ending and runs off afterwards. Elis tells Sumire that she will be ok for the performance and runs off. Tomoko tells Elis that her father is going to take her to the airport along with that it will be lonely without Elis next year. She promises Elis that she's going to visit her at Paris next Christmas. Sumire sings her solo to begin the concert which everyone is focused on her.

This episode has Elis finally deciding to go to France which Hiroki seems to have residual feelings towards her. Even though he's spending time with Kiri for Christmas, he rather shocked with Elis's sudden change of heart about he and Kiri being an item. Hagino and Sumire are right about Elis and Hiroki that they are lying to themselves about their true feelings. The final episode will conclude the Christmas party and Hiroki's final decision.


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