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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 10

A girl named Minami pokes her pencil on her notebook while looking at another girl named Shiroi with a nasty stare and hasn't forgiven her. Later that night, Minami's parents asked her why Shiroi hasn't been around lately which she answers that she's been busy. Minami sends a request to Hell Correspondance for Shiroi. Emma's grandmother mentions to her that the requests have been piling up recently and asks her if they have someone to discuss their problems with like friends. Emma shows up in Minami's room and gives her the doll along with the conditions of using it. Minami was going to pull the string at first but decided to wait so she can see the expression on Shiroi's face when she uses it. The next day, Minami remembers the day when she first met Shiroi which it was during when she took the middle school entrance exams. They became great friends which they spend lots of time together until one day when Minami sees Shiroi with her current friends and ditches her for the other girls. Minami keeps checking her mail and sending mails to Shiroi. Shiroi remembers when Minami would send emails to her every 30 minutes and consider her to be a stalker. She has a teacher to talk to Minami about her stalking. Minami confronts Shiroi during cleanup and accidently made her fall down to the ground which everyone thought she was a stalker. Now Minami is alone and everyone ignores her for the most point while Shiroi gets hit in the head with a basketball while focusing on Minami's glance. After getting treated for her injury, Shiroi walks past the classroom and decides to take the doll from Minami and take her own revenge on her.

Hajime is meeting a client at a restraurant so he won't reveal what the client did when he sees Shiroi nearby with the doll in her hand. He tries to track her down but was unsuccessful as she went to a temple and nail the doll to a tree as part of a curse called Ushi no Kokumairi. The helpers want to remove the doll from the tree but Emma tells them to leave it there and doesn't give a reason why for this. Minami stays at home for the following day and thinks that losing the doll is God's way of saying she shouldn't take revenge on her. Shiroi was going to her friends about being in a group of three for the field trip but they have already formed a group with another girl. Minami gets a call from Shiroi saying that she wants to meet her and apologizes what she did in the past. This action makes Minami regret that she wanted to have revenge on her and meets her at the temple. Shiroi tells her that she has been deceived by her friends and says that Minami is her real friend. She returns the doll to her and doesn't ask why she had it in the first place. Shiroi asks Minami to curse everyone in class with the doll and forces her to pull the string since they're friends. Hajime sees them and runs towards them to stop the revenge but he was too late as the string was pulled and Shiroi disappeared from the area. Minami forces herself to believe that it wasn't her fault but Emma tells her it was her fault. Hajime asks where Shiroi is which Minami tells him that she's in Hell and that she will go to Hell eventually.

This episode is rather interesting as you don't get to see the actual revenge this time. While watching this episode, I truly believe that Minami shouldn't have taken revenge on Shiroi. She could easily move on with her life by finding new friends but she was stuck in the past. I'm not saying that Shiroi didn't deserve what she did to her but she could have done it in a less hurtful way. Minami didn't deserve to be ignored by Shiroi but she didn't have to annoy her to no end. I think they are both at fault for what happened at the end. Shiroi isn't used to be abandon by her friends and felt that Minami would help her but she didn't realize that it would be the end of her own life. If Minami could told the truth about the doll to Shiroi, the outcome would be much different. Shiroi would be alive but they still being friends is about 50/50. I agree with Emma's position on this episode that they should have talked to each other in order to solve their problems but since they didn't, Shiroi got sent to Hell for her stubborness for revenge on the entire class. The next episode has Kataoka Masaya taking revenge a reporter named Itagaki Takashi for taking away his family while Hajime and Tsugami are involved once again.


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