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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 9

Hajime tries to interview Tanuma (the girl who contracted with Enma from the previous episode) but her mother refused to allow him to talk with her and threatening to call the police if he tries any further. He gets a call from his editor about some pictures he need to do which he has to do sometime this week. Meanwhile, a girl named Yuuka shows off some desserts to a baker named Morisaki that her sister Hiromi made which he finds it delicious. Hiromi used to work for him until she wanted to continue her father's dream to open a store. Yuuka was able to make Hiromi and her father's dream come true with her hard work and savings. She tells Hiromi that Morisaki will advertise their store on Street Patisserie which is a TV show. The day of the broadcast is the same day of the store opening which Yuuka suggests that they show unveil their Heritage cake. Hajime is trying to get some nice photos while Tsugumi is watching Street Patisserie which Morisaki unveils Everest which is similar to Heritage that Hiromi made. At Patisserie Le Reve which is Hiromi's store, the show interviews both Hiromi and Yuuka which she shows off Heritage who doesn't know that Morisaki showed off it earlier. The show immediately cuts to commerical after seeing that the cake is identical from Morisaki's. The show's producer explains to them that Morisaki introduce the same thing and tells them they don't mind if their cake is a copy which Yuuka wouldn't accept at all. Yuuka was working the register at her job when a couple of high school girls was talking about Hell Correspondance. Then she was near Patisserie Le Reve when she heard a couple of women wouldn't go into the store because of the rumors that they copied Morisaki's Everest. She enters the store which she asked Hiromi how many customers entered the store which was only two and wants to talk to Morisaki but Hiromi refused her to do so. Yuuka accesses Hell Correspondance and enters Morisaki's name for revenge.

Emma arrives at Yuuka's house and transports her into her realm a few moments later. Emma goes over the conditions of the revenge which she gets drown into a pool of liquid before arriving back in her room with the doll. The next day, Hiromi's loan has been defaulted which the bank did under Morisaki's favor and took the store from them. Yuuka blames herself for all this since she went to Morisaki's place and show off their desserts which Hiromi tells her something important. Yuuka confronts Morisaki at a banquet in his honor about how he did all this to get revenge for being dumped by Hiromi. He thanks Yuuka for allowing him to get such a perfect revenge and offers her to take her a couple of places for prostitution. At that moment, Yuuka pulls the red string to enact the revenge on Morisaki. People at the banquet eats the cake that he made and say that it tastes bad. Tsugumi has a vision of Morisaki and tells it to Hajime which he immediately heads to the hotel. He admits that he didn't make the cake which Emma's helpers questioned him about passing off the cake as his own and did it for revenge on an ex-girlfriend who dumped him. He runs away from them but Hiromi appears in front of him who asks him to eat her which she turns into frosting. Then he enters a taxi which the driver turns into frosting as well. Morisaki finds himself part of a cake as Emma's helpers tell him to apologize for what he did. He refuses to apologize since he thinks that she betrayed her but Emma sends to him to hell which he tortured by Hiromi. Hajime arrives at the hotel but he was too late to save Morisaki. The next day Yuuka gives Hiromi lunch at her new job while she tries to continue the dream of opening a new store.

This episode continues the subplot of Hajime and Tsugumi who are on the trail of Emma and the others. Hajime tries to stop a revenge from taking place but was too late to save him from his fate. As for the main part of the episode, Yuuka meant so well by going to Morisaki but if she knew that Hiromi dated him in the past, I doubt she would gone to him. This whole revenge would have been prevent if Hiromi told Yuuka the truth in the first place and spoke up earlier. The next episode has Shibuya Minami who takes revenge on her former best friend while Hajime tries to stop it.


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