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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 8

Ayuki's mother shows a young Ayuki a caterpillar becoming a butterfly and says that it's trying to spread its wings and fly. She says to Ayuki will be beautiful like a butterfly one day but she doesn't want to be beautiful. Sora plans to have a test of courage at the school to gather data on relationships which he wants Hazumu to take a part of but he refuses since he's afraid of them. Sora forces Hazumu anyway which Tomari and Asuta are taking a part of the test as well. Tomari mentions that Hazumu would cling to her when they went to a haunted house together. Asuta gets some naughty thoughts of Hazumu clinging onto him when he gets scared but he gets kicked by Tomari soon afterwards. Tomari says that she will go with him to the test and asks him where's Yasuna which he tells her that she's taking Elbert for a checkup. Hazumu was watering the plants when he sees Ayuki rejecting a guy because she has someone that she likes. Hazumu accidently reveals himself to her which he tries to lift her up but she doesn't try at all. Tomari went to Yasuna's house to drop something off and notices a sound coming from the house and tries to investigate it. She opens the front door which Elbert chased her away which Yasuna managed to control the dog afterwards. Tomari gave her pictures of the beach trip which she shows one of the pictures and thinks that Hazumu was happy because of Tomari but she thinks otherwise. Tomari invites Yasuna to the test of courage which she agrees. Later that night, Hazumu refuses to go to the test which Asuta and her father were being pervs and got beat up by Hazumu's mother. Namiko dresses very sexy to attract Sora who shows up in a spirit costume along with Jan in a cat costume. She tries to use her thighs to get Sora to notice her which he reveals his underwear along with the bottom part of his legs aren't there at all. Namiko tells them that they must form pairs which they will circle the school once and get a marker at the rooftop. They drew lots for pairs which Hazumu and Tomari, Ayuki and Yasuna are pairs while Asuta is alone which he was disappointed. Hazumu is happy that he's with Tomari while Yasuna doesn't look happy at all which Ayuki noticed.

Tomari and Hazumu walk through the darken school which Hazumu is pathetically scared right now and has Tomari in a death grip but they continued to move on. Ayuki knows that Tomari finally rose to the stage which Yasuna was relieved since there's someone has the same feelings about Hazumu. Ayuki says that Yasuna is beautiful and spreading her wings which they heard Hazumu's screams a few moments after that. Ayuki tells Yasuna to go which Yasuna asks her why she hangs around Hazumu so much which notices that she watches over him. Ayuki tells her that she doesn't have to worry about her involving herself in Hazumu's love. Tomari and Hazumu finds Namiko on the floor scared of a ghost which Yasuna shows up as well. The ghost appears which scares everyone and chases Hazumu away but the ghost was revealed to be Sora and drags Namiko into the room. Tomari, Yasuna, and Hazumu continued with the test of courage which Jan is ready to scare Asuta but he wasn't scared of her. Then she sics a blob at Asuta which he smartly runs away from but he runs into Hazumu and the others. Asuta gets punched by Hazumu which causes him to be eaten by the blob but Sora manages suck away the blob. Hazumu goes into the science room which Ayuki was looking at the butterflies while Tomari and Yasuna look for Hazumu. She says that she loved looking at butterflies but never wanted to be one and just love looking at them. Tomari and Yasuna reached the end of the test which Yasuna thanks Tomari for inviting her along with that Tomari wants Yasuna to call her by her first name. Hazumu shows up a moment later which they looked at the starry sky as Ayuki sees Hazumu as a emerging butterfly.

This episode was quite interesting as you got Ayuki who loves Hazumu as well but she decided just to watch from a distance and let Tomari and Yasuna fight over Hazumu's love. Ayuki decided that she will watch from a distance and not involving herself directly into other people's problems. She will give advice to others about dealing with the problems but never directly interfere on her terms. I guess she doesn't mind to live a lonely life of watching others having relationships especially Hazumu, the person that she loves. Tomari and Yasuna are getting more friendly with each other as they called each other by their first names now. These two are the most friendly love rivals ever in an anime. The next episode is the festival episode with Hazumu having some problems in the double relationship now.


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