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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Law of Ueki 46

Sano and the others are going to party for making past the Third Round which Mori asks Ueki what he wants to eat. He asks for today's date which she said it's the 7th and asks her to make something. Back at the Ueki home, Ueki's sister come back home to cook some dinner while his father was messing around with the photo album. His sister was yelling out on the balcony for Ueki to come home which he can't hear her while his father noticed a photo club sticker fell out of the album which it's a picutre of God and Haruko. Twenty-five years ago, Haruko made God ate lots of curry to pay him back for saving her from the two guys. She wants to pay him back until she's content which the next thing they did is going to the zoo to see a panda. She somehow gets into the panda cage to give it some bamboo but it pins her to the ground. Then they went to a bowling alley which she got all glutter balls while God bowled a perfect game. Next they went to an amusment park and went on the spinning teacup ride which she spinned it so fast that she threw up. They went to a photo booth which she fell over when giving God bunny ears. Then they went to a Pink Rabbits concert which Haruko made God pretend to be her father to get into a photo shoot. After the concert, she mentions that she was supposed to go to the concert with his boyfriend aka Ueki's father but couldn't come because he's only interested in writing which she thinks it's wonderful. God was about to go home when he sees an old lady's foot stuck in the tracks as a train is coming her way. The old lady has already given up because she believes this is punishment for doing her grandson's crossword puzzle and blames herself for rising real estate costs. God couldn't interfere with life and death situations of humans as he sees Haruko running towards the old lady and tries to save her.

Haruko tries to get the old lady to have hope for the future as she doesn't think about the past only tomorrow. She wants to be a nurse and thinks about tomorrow which makes her happy. At that point, God begins to see Haruko in a different light and saves both the old lady and her from the train. She apologizes to God for making him saving her but he thanks her for giving him the idea for the battle as he wants to give the Hellions the future. She gives him a pair of sunglasses that were supposed to go to her boyfriend which in return, he gives her his earring. He hoped that the Hellions would see their foolishness of hanging onto the past by looking at the people who look at the future but it didn't work out that way. God decides to finish this himself by confronting Margaret who's body has been taken over by a Hellion. Margaret thought he fooled God but he didn't. God knew that Margaret and Pug dropped their kids into the human world which he allowed other Heavenly kids into the battle but Margaret managed to get to the Barrett team first. God and Margaret fight it out with their Sacred Treasures but they were evenly matched. Ueki's family is observing the death of Haruko who wore God's earring until her death 12 years ago which they have curry on that day because it's her favorite. Mori makes curry with a tenacle in it to celebrate the life of Haruko. God and Margaret summoned the 10-star Sacred Treasure Satan to prove who is right.

This episode gives insight into God and Ueki's mother, Haruko who gave him the insight to look towards the future. Her personality influence the people around her like God and her daughter as she followed in her footsteps as a nurse. God can even dish it out when needed to be as he wants to have fun all the time as he fights against the Hellion-controlled Margaret. The next episode concludes the fight between God and Margaret and the start of Round Four.


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