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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Law of Ueki 47

Ueki walks downstairs and sees Mori reading a book and asks her where everyone is. She tells them that they went for a walk because they couldn't get to sleep which she can't sleep as well. Ueki gives Mori the good luck charm that his father gave to him during Round Three since she is going to be in the most danger tomorrow. Souya sits alone and remembers Team Ueki's battles against the Barrow Team. He thinks that he's all talk and doubts his reasons for being here. Meanwhile, Rinko and Sano are walking together which he asks her if she still loves Robert and tells her that it takes sometime to hate someone after falling in love. He promises her that they will free Robert from Anon and suddenly, they felt a shock. Sano and Rinko see that the mountains have been replaced by a valley and sees God and Margaret battling each other. They are still even with other after fighting each with the Sacred Treasures. God allows Margaret to punch him in a few times before coming back with a fury of punches. Then they both connected with a right hand to the face before continuing battling each other with Sacred Treasures. They managed to counter every attack against them which God knows that they are out of Satans to use. Margaret realizes that God wasn't fighting with his all because he didn't use Mr. Stop which allows him to nullify the Sacred Treasures. God still wanted Margaret to change through the battle which Margaret thinks that a future is necessary and walks away. Suddenly, Anon stabs God with Ranma in the back because he wants power.

Anon tells Margaret that he never cared about the Protector Clan or carrying the duties of his forefathers. He takes Mr. Stop from God who's still alive and plans on changing the rules of Round Four. Only God himself can change the rules of the battle which Anon devours God himself. Margaret asks Anon why he didn't move earlier which he tells him that he wanted to make Ueki and the others stronger in Round Three so his dream would come true. Anon summons the Demi Sacred Treasure Tenso which makes the ground to rise up and almost causes Rinko fall off a cliff if Sano didn't save her in time. The risen ground creates a path as Anon uses Mr. Stop to speak with everyone. He tells everyone that Round Four is beginning now.

This episode has a great battle between Margaret and God which God managed to get through to Margaret but Anon had his own plans. Margaret at least had the honor not to attack God in the back like Anon did. Anon's plan is interesting as he wants to have a strong opponent for it which most people are annoyed by strong forces that are against them. The question is what is Anon's dream? The next episode is the start of Round Four which Rihou fights against Anon while Margaret fights Ueki.


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