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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Law of Ueki 48

Anon has reveal that he has taken over God's and Robert's bodoes which causes God's assistant to faint and shows his true form. He explains the rules of Round Four which is basically the first team to defeat him is the winner but they must reach the Path within 12 hours and can't fall off it. The teams can join forces to fight him but the member of one team defeats him, that team would be the winner. Ban asks the other members of the Barrow team if they knew anything about this which they were only told that to defeat everyone besides Anon. If Anon wins, he's going to annihilate all Heavenly Beings, Hellions, and humans. The Barrow team thought Anon was going to unite Hell not kill all humans as Barrow remembers the promise that Anon made to him about making him a human. Anon begins Round Four as Ban and Diegostar team up while Kilnorton decides to retire from the battle since he knows that there's no chance of victory. Barrow doesn't fight either because he's unable to deal with the recent events while Souya runs away since he thinks that he's useless. Margaret picks up God's hat and didn't want to kill everyone as he tries to think where he went wrong with Anon. Sano and Rinko decided to wait for Ueki to come to the Path before attacking Anon but Rihou has already arrived to where Anon is. He and Anon fight hand-to-hand combat which he didn't expect to be so strong while Ueki and Mori encountered Margaret who's planning to make him disappear.

Margaret regretted that he should have defeated Ueki and the other Heavenly Beings first since they messed up his plans. Mori mentions that he can't interfere in the battle since he would go to Hell for it but now, the rules have changed so he can attack them now. Ueki and Mori tried to run away but Margaret quickly appeared in front of them. He decides to attack Mori since Ueki refuses to fight him but Ueki uses Ressen to stop him. Margaret quickly avoids the attack and corners him with Ranma. Rihou is having a hard time fighting him hand-to-hand but he still refuses to use his power against Anon as he uses the Sacred Treasures to bring it out but he manages to counter them very well. They go back into hand-to-hand combat which Anon is on the attack and Rihou can only defend. Margaret tells Ueki that Hellions don't have the Sacred Treasures but have superior physical abilities along with that Anon has the abilities of a 10-star. Margaret realizes that Ueki wants to be stronger and tells him that the Barrow team reached their star levels by using the Awakening Organ which shouldn't be possible because the Heavenly Beasts contained them became extinct except for Tenko. The Protector Clan's name came from protecting the Heavenly Beasts that had the Organ which Margaret transformed into one. Rihou still refuses to use his power as he pulls out his final Art called True Gankutsuoh which he modified after the original version was defeated by Ueki. Even after the modification, Anon managed to stop it and knocks him out as Rihou breaks his promise to Ueki. Sano and Rinko decided to fight Anon next even though they didn't help Rihou and gets some help from Ban and Diegostar.

So Anon's true goal is total elimantion of all life including Hellions and Heavenly Beings. He's so cocky that he allows the teams to join up to defeat him which he manages to defeat Rihou with ease. Rihou was strong but his foolish pride was his downfall as he refuse to use his Heavenly Power against Anon. It's all good to use own power for training and such but when it really matters, you got to use everything you have to win. When all of existance is on the line, it's a good time to use that Heavenly Power, Rihou. There's a few people who decided not to fight for either in shock (Barrow) or think they can't win (Kilnorton and Souya). I think Barrow and Souya will come back into the picture but Kilnorton is a true coward who believes that there's no chance of winning. I guess he didn't learn anything from Mori that anything can happen including victory. Ueki and Mori encountered Margaret who has decided to help Ueki to defeat by making him a 10-star with the Awakening Organ. The next episode has Sano, Rinko, Diegostar, and Ban fighting Anon while Ueki is going to train to be a 10-star.


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