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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Law of Ueki 49

Mori is heading towards the Path while remembering the last few minutes. She tries to get Ueki not to go into the Awakening Organ because she doesn't trust Margaret. Then she says that he doesn't care about himself and only others but she wants him to understand how they feel about him for once. She decides to allow Ueki to go into the Organ since she can't stop him regardless what she says and tells him that he better be stronger once he comes out. Meanwhile Sano, Rinko, Ban, and Diegostar all attack Anon at once but all of their attacks had no effect on him. Mori reaches the base of the Path and couldn't decide which stairs to take when Kilnorton arrived. Sano decides to use his new special attack called Magnetic Screw Choqa Zanbil since nothing else works while Ban and Diegostar are going to use the Living Invisible Sacred Treasure Combination against Anon. Kilnorton asks Mori to make him a glasses lover which Mori thinks that he's a pervert for asking her to do that but he wants her to do that so he can fight with the others. Sano and the others' attacks didn't work at all as Ban wishes that Kilnorton was here so they could use the Ultimate Combined Sacred Treasure. Kilnorton explains to Mori that ten years ago, he avoided contact with others which he discovered that he had the ability to calculate. This ability allowed him to predict things and gain popularity but that popularity didn't last and never had a true friend until Ban and Diegostar appeared in front of them. They were the only ones who understand him and how he felt but he abandoned them because there's no chance of winning. He wants to fight with them but his body refuses to do so and begs Mori to force him to fight with them. Mori accepts his request to do so and both of them reached the area where the others are fighting Anon. Ban thought Kilnorton wouldn't show up because there was no chance of victory which he says that he was forced to come here but Mori tells him she didn't use her power on him. She tricked him into raising his left leg instead of right in order for her power to work which means that he came on his own willpower. Kilnorton, Ban, and Diegostar were about to use their combo attack when Anon took out Kilnorton with the Kurogane.

Ueki has managed to get the 9-star Sacred Treasure Seiku and takes the 10-star test for Satan. Mori tries to get Kilnorton back up but he gives up. Anon tells them that he knew about the ultimate combo which wouldn't have work on him anyway. He attacks Mori since he views her as the most troublesome but Sano and the others defend her. Their attacks had no effect on Anon and quickly defeated them all except for Mori. He approaches Mori and grabs her by the neck. He thanks her for tagging around on his dream which he wants happiness. So he decided to create a path of happiness that nobody can stand in his way in a literal sense. Mori asks him why he created the rule that if anybody could defeat him wins the battle which he says that he doubted himself. He thinks that somebody could stop him in making the path he wants along with to prove that nobody could stop his dream. He lets go of Mori which causes her to fall down to the ground. As the sun rises up, Ueki saves Mori with a pair of wings which are the 9-star Sacred Treasure Seiku.

This episode was all about Mori as she once again outsmarts Kilnorton into helping Ban and Diegostar. He thought that he was brainwashed into going to the Path but she never applied her power which means that he ignored his brain and followed his heart to fight alongside his friends. Kilnorton wasn't the cold hearted person who abandoned his friends as he wanted Mori to force him to fight along side them. It was too bad that he was immediately knocked up by Anon which the reactions by the others was just priceless. Mori's other part in the episode was her confrontation with Anon as she cried while falling down until Ueki saved her which she believe that he would save her. It was a very good episode even though Ueki didn't have much a part in it. The next episode has Ueki fighting Anon with all the Sacred Treasures at his disposal which I hoped to get to see Satan in action.


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