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Monday, April 24, 2006

The Law of Ueki 50

Anon and Ueki both used Seiku to go into the air for their battle. Ueki tries to fight Anon hand to hand but Anon is much faster and avoids the attack with ease. Then Ueki uses Ressen to distract Anon so he could sneak up on him and landed a punch on him. Ueki used his Heavenly Power into Seiku to increase his mobility to counter Anon's own natural speed. Ueki uses Ressen again which Anon counters with Robert's ideal Ressen but this time, Ueki uses his reserval power to dispel it. Ueki tries to continue the attack but Anon counter it with a normal Ressen instead of an ideal Ressen. Anon brings out his Satan which is a big, black, hairy creature. Satan is basically a living Sacred Treasure that turns the user's will into power which its form and ability are the symbols of the user's power along with its strength. Anon sics his Satan on Ueki who manages to avoid it but takes out a good part of the landscape. Anon's Satan is based on his determination of his dream while Robert's Satan was based on his hatred of mankind. Rinko thinks that Anon is using Robert and God's Sacred Treasures separately while Sano asks Mori if Satan is really powerful which she couldn't speak at all. Ueki summons his Satan into the field after getting mad at Anon for calling Robert stupid for losing his hatred. Ueki's Satan is a transparent Kobasan who just acts like him as he wanted to drink first before attacking Anon and even doubted Ueki for making him look like an old man. Mori thinks they are done for since Ueki's Satan acts like Kobasan while Souya finds Barrow in a forest. Ueki's Satan finally attacks Anon who summon his Satan to stop it which it does.

Souya asks Barrow why he is doing here which he explains to him about how Anon betrayed him and couldn't fight anymore since his dream is ruined. Souya tries to get him to fight with the others but he doesn't listen since he thinks that he can't defeat Anon with his power and mentions that Souya is thinking the same thing. Souya lies to him saying that he wasn't running away but coming to get him and says that he's lame for giving up before even trying (even though he's speaking about himself as well.) Barrow thinks that he can't go to his friends after abandoning them but Souya tells him that doesn't matter as he abandoned his friends to. Souya managed to convince Barrow to go to the Path and uses him as a taxi. Ueki is running away from the Path to avoid any damage on Mori and the others and uses Satan once again only to be counter by Anon's Satan. Ueki tries to find the will behind his Satan while Anon uses various Sacred Treasures to weaken Ueki's ability to dodge. Anon mentions that Satan can be only used six times which God used up all of his while Robert used two against Anon and three against Ueki as Anon. Robert has only one Satan left while Ueki has two left. Anon summons his Satan to finish off Ueki which Ueki counters his own Satan but this time, Ueki's attack destroy Anon's Satan and wounds Anon. Ueki's Satan is based on the will of protecting people. Anon thanks Ueki for facing him on equal terms and gives up Robert as a reward. Ueki and Mori both realized that Anon released Robert because he won't be considered as a power user anymore which if Ueki attacks him now, he will lose his zai. Anon mentions that he couldn't alter the rule about hurting non-power users which he was lucky that he couldn't change it since now he can use it to his advantage. Ueki has 18 zai left which he needs to find a way to stop Anon's movement to hit him with Satan. He drops off Robert at the Path before going back into the air to fight Anon once again.

After some misfires with Satan, Ueki managed to get an advantage against Anon but he pulls out a trump card which he releases Robert so he would be considered as a non-power user. Now Ueki has only 18 zai left which after the 18th attack, Ueki will disappeared forever. I think everyone will help Ueki defeat Anon in the end but Ueki will probably make the ultimate sacriface in the end though. The final episode will end it all. Will Ueki and the others stop Anon from extermining everyone in the three realms? Find out at the final episode of Law of Ueki.


  • At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Ryan said…

    what happened to tenko? where is he?

  • At 7:33 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    My guess is that Tenko is still in the house that Ueki and the others were staying at. Ueki is the type of person to forget Tenko when there's a massive shakedown going on. He didn't have Tenko on since episode 47.

  • At 7:48 PM, Anonymous RYAN said…

    i noticed he hasent been there since then...that sucks, i wanted to see annon and tenko transform and watch 2 heavenly beasts go at it...and how is annon not a power user if he has god in him still?

  • At 2:08 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    God isn't considered as a Power User but a Heavenly Being. It seems that the rule is that Power Users can't use their powers to hurt humans, Heavenly Beings, or Hellions who didn't get their powers from God Candidiates.

    When Ueki fought Margaret, he didn't land a hit on him so he didn't lose any Zai at all. Of course, Ueki didn't think about this when fighting against Margaret since he would rather protect people than care about his own self.


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