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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mai Otome 25

Haruka and the other Otome engaged Nagi's forces which they faced a couple of Otome along with Tomoe and Chie. Yukino tells the King of Annan that a pin-point attack by the Harmonium is impossible while Nao and Natsuki attack the guards defending Gardenrobe. Maria easily defeats a couple of guards after calling her a hag and Yukariko almost got beaten herself by Maria for saying old lady. Natsuki almost got shot from behind when Shizuru knocked out the guard. Nagi launched the Slaves to counteract Natsuki's attempts to revive the founder. The Slave guns targeted Yukino's forces but their shots were blocked by the Black Valley which Arika, Mashiro, Mai, and Mikoto emerged from it and destroyed some Slaves. Nina seemed happy that Arika is alive while Nagi noticed that she can't use the true power of the Sapphire yet. Arika and Mashiro head towards Windbloom while Miyu descend towards a building covered by water. Irina manages to revive Fumi which Natsuki materialize her robe and tries to destroy the Valkryie founder but her shot was deflected by Nagi's siege gun. Nagi's shot managed to disable Fumi once again while Haruka misinterprets Natsuki's shot to counterattack. Nagi fires the cannon again at Natsuki and the others but Arika blocks the shot and redirects it back at the cannon and thus destroying it. Tomoe shows up and attacks Arika after seeing Shizuru siding with Natsuki.

Mashiro confronts the other Otome and tries to get them to stand down but they won't since they follow their Master's orders which Mashiro says that if they can't think with their own minds, they are just tools. Nagi increases the power of the Valkyrie system in order to cancel out all the Otome's robes. Chie saves a free-falling Arika from certain death and gets stabbed in the back from Tomoe as she wonders how she broke the restraints. Shiro was the one who removed the restraints via her voodoo. Tomoe decided to kill everyone at this point even the Otome who sided with Nagi since he wanted to remove the entire Otome system. She tries to kill Arika first but Midori and the Aswad came to save the day as she threw Tomoe across the city. Youko came with Reito and tells Arika and Mashiro to touch each other which manages to reactivate Arika's robe. They head towards the Valkyrie's founder but they had to deal with Tomoe first which Arika defeated her so quickly. Arika meets with her mother and talks to her as Mashiro was crying. Mashiro orders her to destroy Rena but Arika didn't need an order to destroy her and uses Bolt from the Blue to destroy her. Arika's robe has been changed which means she's able to use the true power of the Sapphire. Since Rena is destroyed now, the Slaves crumbled and Fumi was able to be revived along with the Otome's powers now. Tomoe somehow managed to survive the fall from a few hundred feet while Miyu managed to activate something from the underwater building. Arika calls out Nina who uses the power of the Harmonium to make her appearance.

This episode was just full of action as the forces of good fight against Nagi's collective forces. Most of the characters got their moments to save the day (Arika more than once). I finally got what should have been Mai's true appearance in Otome when she showed up and just kick some ass. I don't know how Tomoe could survive a few hundred foot fall after losing her robe against Arika but if Aoi could survive a cliff fall, why not Tomoe. The next episode will finished the series with some more action including the final battle between Nina and Arika.


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