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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mai Otome 26 and Review

The final episode is basically the United Otome Front vs. Nagi, Nina, and Original Slaves for control of the world. After the end of the episode, I remember where I seen this before which took place at the series finale as well. This also occured in Buffy where Willow managed to change the part about one person can be a Slayer in each generation to that all women who can be a Slayer are one now. In the Otome case, Miyu removed the master part from activiating the robe. In both cases, this was necessary because they were facing against very powerful anicent powers and need all the help that they can get. There was great parts in the beginning like Haruka was ranting as usual and by the time she ended her rant, everyone else has left. I'm probably the only one who likes Nao's Spiderrobe. Shiho's robe was just odd like she is and even came with the Spiral as a weapon. Akane's return to the battlefield was just funny as she has cat ears and was embarrassed by it along with not doing it with Kazuya (Maya is going to make sure that they will never do it ever). The biggest shock was Miss Maria herself. I knew she had some moves earlier with taking out those guards but when she materialized her robe, it reverses the aging process. Natsuki, Mashiro, Arika, Mai, and Mikoto were all very much in shock when they realized that the young blond woman was Miss Maria. That right there is what you called priceless.

The ending was good in my opinion except the improbable survival of some characters. It's amazing how they survive these things. It must be the nanomachines but that doesn't explain Sergay though which I believe it's his charm that keeps him alive. Mai Otome is a good series that tried to do too much with only 26 episodes. I would like to see Mai's appearance sooner in the series and had more of a role in the end. I even think that Hime and Otome universes are connected but for the exact details are unknown at this point. There were only a couple new characters which every character from Mai Hime that makes an appearance. The new characters weren't pushed aside by the old as Arika and Nina are the main characters not Natsuki and Mai. They changed gradually as the series went on as Arika wasn't so dumbfounded and happy while Nina admitted her true feelings instead of holding them back all the time. The greatest character development occured with Mashiro who was this spoiled brat at the beginning and at the end of the series, she became this confident leader who will make things better for the people. I wished there was some more deaths in the series besides Erstin but at least she wasn't resurrected like in Mai-Hime. Some of the characters should have died but somehow they survived. I must know their secret to avoiding death with ease. The animation and music were good as well.

Overall, Mai Otome was different from Mai Hime and suffers from being compared by it. Everyone expected great things from it because of Hime and it's a little unfair to it always being compared to it. If you looked at Mai Otome without Hime ever existing, it's a good series that had too many characters and plot points to keep track of but it was watchable. I'll give Mai Otome 3.5 out of 5.


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