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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rozen Maiden Traumend 5

Kanaria was about to eat some lunch when a crow steals her omelet. Hina draws a crude picture of everyone while Sousei writes a letter to her master and wife about Suisei. Jun is learning English with Shinku reading a book next to him while Suisei is annoyed that Jun is ignoring her. Suisei tries to use the vacuum in order to get Jun's praise but she couldn't figure out how to turn it on and wouldn't listen to Sousei. The vacuum went out of control and ends up breaking a window which Kanaria almost got hit with. Suisei and the others covered up the damage with a curtain so Jun and Shinku didn't see the damage. Her next plan involves cooking lunch for Jun which Hina manages to screw it up by adding things to make the omelet smell very bad. Then Suisei decides to microwave an egg which explodes causing Jun and Shinku to see the damage of the window as well. Sousei tells Jun that they wanted to help out which he comforts Hina but Suisei gets angry at him and kicks him in the knee. Shinku ends up fixing the window along with leaving Suisei's failed omelets outside. Kanaria decides to eat them but the crow beat her to it which was a good thing since it fell from the sky afterwards. Hina finishes with her letter to Jun which Suisei tells her to drop it off at the postbox and then proceeds to tell her that it's really a monster that tests courage. Hina wanted to thank Jun for earlier which gets Suisei her idea to write her own letter to Jun.

Hina asks Sousei if she could go with her to deliver the letter but Suisei kidnaps her very quickly so she could prevent her to sending the letter first. Hina asks Shinku if she would go out with her which she refuses because of cats since her former master had a cat which had its key in its mouth. Hina decides to go out by herself and summons Berrybell (not really smart) to go with her. Suisei was about to go into the bathroom to do a final check but the door slams on her when Kanaria opened the door. Hina is walking an alley while Suisei sees Kanaria pointing a gun at her who sprays water at her letter. Kanaria tries to apologize for ruining Suisei's letter and both of them get slammed by the door from Jun which he tries to look for Hina. She was walking on a wall and ends up falling off it. She lands on a cat while Jun realizes that she went outside. Hina uses the cat as transportation to find the postbox. Jun passes by Enju's store looking for Hina while Enju greets a female customer. Hina finds the postbox and manages to muster up the courage to send the letter. She meets up with Tomoe who's happy of Hina since she changed from a spoiled girl to someone who work so hard for the love of someone else. Jun meets up with Tomoe and Hina who takes her home. The female customer named Micchan is Kanaria's master who loves dolls so much and wants all the Rozen Maiden dolls who loves dressing up Kanaria in various outfits. Jun receives Hina's letter which has horrible handwriting.

This episode is a Hina episode who wanted to express her thanks to Jun by sending a letter to the postbox even though she was scared of it by Suisei. Hina's character has changed a lot from the beginning as she was this spoiled child to the point that she almost killed Tomoe because of it. Now, she isn't as spoiled but she tries so much harder now for the people that she loves. This episode also introduces a new character named Micchan who's Kanaria's master and basically is a doll otaku. I don't think she knows about the Alice game since she wants all the Rozen Maiden dolls and that Kanaria wants to defeat all of them. The next episode features Suigintou's master and the return of Suigintou herself.


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