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Monday, April 10, 2006

School Rumble S2 1

A mysterious samurai easily defeats a few opponents as Yakumo and Tenma are running a tea-house. Tenma tells Hanai that they had to take out a loan from the Tennouji House to pay for their father's medicine and will take the teahouse if they can't repay the loan which has a high interest rate on it. The Tennouji House shows up and destroys the teahouse and takes Yakumo as payment. Hanai tries to stand up to them but gets beaten up instead. The mysterious samurai defeats the guy beating up Hanai which they summoned Tennouji Aniki to defeat him who is huge. In this case, size didn't matter as the mysterious samurai quickly defeated him with ease. The mysterious samurai reveal himself as Harima aka Mangoku but Tenma wanted Yakushamaru Kouji instead.

Harima gives a short summary about his experiences in the first season. Yoshidayama was sitting in Harima's seat until Harima shows up and quickly allows him to take the seat. Hanai asks Harima why he has loitering around before the Cultural Festival which Harima didn't care as he meets with Itoko. She gives him a postcard from the manga company that ran the contest which he won. He tries to find Tenma which Arika tells him that she's on the roof. She talks to Yakumo about lying which she said that she was staying at Sara's place which she was really at Harima's place. Harima is spying on them as Tenma tells her that she needs to say 'no' more. Harima decides to defend Yakumo which Tenma takes his bananas and says that Yakumo did stay at her place which Tenma thought that they went out on a date but not that. He says that they didn't do anything indecent and asks her to trust him which she does. She got angry at Yakumo because she lied to her and nothing else as she accepts their relationship which he didn't want at all. Later that night, Itoko accepts Harima's prize from the contest which she actually sent it in.

Tenma sees Karasuma in a rock costume for the cultural festival along with other members of the music club. She watches them practice which she has a dream about the two of them performing in front of thousands of fans. Then they would get signed by a producer except that they didn't want Tenma since she can't sing or play an instrument. She becomes depressed by it which he gives her a turtle and says that there's something that only she can do. She tries to figure out his message at home by playing Shiritori. After multiple attempts, she figures it out the message which meant Sleeping Beauty. She shows it off to Eri, Mikoto, and Arika the next day which Arika managed to figure it out as well and explain it to them.

Yakumo made a lunch for Tenma under her directions which she wants her to bring it to class during lunch time. Tenma leaves Yakumo alone as she's going to see Karasuma practice while Yakumo walks to school with Sara who apologizes to her for getting her in trouble. Yakumo tells her not to worry about it as Sara thinks that she's going out with Harima. They see Eri exiting out of her limo and gives them a weird look before walking into the school. Sara wonders if she likes Harima as well. Hanai is excited that he can acted with Yakumo but doesn't know about the rumor of her and Harima. Mikoto tries to stop him from hearing about it by saying that he can't intermix with two classes for the Cultural Festival but he ignores her. Mikoto turns her attention to Eri who thinks that she got dumped by Harima which she denies. Arika gives a long explainiation about it which she confers with Mikoto about her being worked up about it. Hanai was walking in the hall when he hears the bad news about Yakumo and Harima which he screams very loud. Yakumo decides to go to give Tenma's lunch now as Mikoto asks Tenma about her lunch. Hanai wilted away as he hears from Yakumo that she spent the night at Harima's place. Hanai tries to beat up Harima but his punches were unusually weak as Yakumo gives Harima Tenma's lunch box which had a heart-shaped pattern in it. This made Hanai become even more of a zombie including Harima who was rejected by Tenma once again. Class 2-D issues a challenge to Class 2-C once again for the Cultural Festival.

After the ED credits played, the various pervs of 2-C viewed the various bios of the girls of 2-C which most of them are new. The new girls are Sagano Megumi, Yuuki Tumugi, Ootusa Mai, and Mihara Kozue. They ignored Tenma's bio and pay very close attention to Itoko's bio. Then a virus destoryed all their files except for one which was a picture of Harima's ass given by Itoko.

Semester 2 starts off where the first season ended with everyone in the school thinking that Harima and Yakumo are going out but Tenma misunderstands the situation as usual. Not much comedy was shown in this episode as this was mostly a plot advancing episode (I know, there's a plot in this). It's a very good start for the new season and enjoyed the new OP/ED songs as well. The next episode has class 2-C facing off against 2-D in a Battle Royale type of game. Also, the preview of this episode was shown at the end of last season which I have been waiting for a while now.


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