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Monday, April 17, 2006

School Rumble S2 2

Mai is annoyed at Class 2-C because they haven't decided on an activity for the Cultural Festival which Imadori suggests a play as Tenma wants to do Sleeping Beauty. Some of the guys looks at Imadori's script which is Dojibirou (sentai parody) and throws it away. Another girl suggests a cafe where they wear maid costumes as Mikoto is for it but Eri is not. Harima looks like a zombie because of what happened with Yamuko. Before Mai could hold a vote for either a play or a cafe, Yoshidayama suggests that they should do a swimsuit sumo wrestling competition which was add to the ballot. The result of the vote was that play and cafe tied with sumo trailing far behind. Harima and Hanoi haven't voted yet which Arika manages to revive Harima by showing him a script of him and Tenma casted as prince and princess. He casts three votes for the play while Arika revives Hanoi by telling him that the Tea Club will help out with the cafe which he cast five votes for the cafe. Hanoi and Harima argued with each other while Mai says that they only get one vote which makes it a tie once again. Arika suggests that they should play a survival game to choose between the play or cafe.

It's nighttime which Arika has split up the class between the Play faction and the Cafe faction which they must captured the other team's flag and return it to base in order to win. Hanoi plans to concentrate their forces around the stairway which their offensive team compose of veterans. While Hanoi gives the specifics of the plan, Madoka is summoned by Shigeo who's not supposed to be here. He wanted to know why she chose the cafe instead of the play which she says that they don't have to do everything together and will shoot him next time they meet. The battle starts with Arika observing them. Harima attacks the Cafe faction and gets them to take cover in the classrooms. Two of the guys are wondering if the Play faction is really there while Yoshidayama, Nara. and Nishimoto are trying to undermine both sides by taking both flags. Nishimoto is stuck in a locker which he was safe from Eri's attack on the others. Harima attacks Asou and the other guy in a classroom and retreats after Hanai attacks him. Hanai tells the others to retreat since the Play faction is attacking the others. Meanwhile, Karen meets with the other members of the Music Club and practices with them.

Asou and the other guy has come to back up the other members of the Cafe faction while Shigeo meets with Madoka in a third floor classroom. She asks him if he going to shoot her which he says he won't but she decides to shoot him instead while she gets ends up getting shot by Mai. The Music Club hears that they won't be able to perform at the Cultival Festival but one of their members suggests that they should join in the survival game so they could perform in the classroom. The Cafe Faction is being attacked on both sides which one of them is Eri as Itoko notices something is wrong with the balance of the teams. Asou and the other guy is tracking Eri trying to prevent her from getting the flag. Misawa moves the barriade up but ends up getting shot for his efforts. Asou and the other guy corners Eri into Class 2-C but they are unable to find her until they see her in a window. Then they realized that it wasn't Eri but some guy dressed as her.

This episode is a parody of Battle Royale but without the extreme violence and trying to become the lone survivor. There were three factions at the start of the game which the sumo faction was completely wiped out by someone who looks like Eri but another faction takes it place as the Music Club needs to perform at the Cultural Festival. The next episode continues the battle of 2-C as the mysterious of the second Eri are revealed along with the wherabouts of the real Eri.


  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger Khoa said…

    To me, this is the best episode of School Rumble season 2


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