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Sunday, April 23, 2006

School Rumble S2 3

The guy Eri is explaining to Asou and the other guy about how he hid on the outer wall of the school which they wanted to know why he's in that uniform. He says to them that he's just a butler to be passing by and has to kill them now. He immediately goes back Asou and was about to kill him when a sniper attacked him and was forced to run away. The butler manages to locate the sniper who was Itoko and doesn't attack her because of her beauty. Tanaka and Nagayama are the only survivors left of the barrcade who end up getting shot by a mysterious person. Mikoto was wondering if she's the only one left alive as she gets attacked by Yuuki who defeated the others nearby. Yuuki was about to finish her off when Hanai saves Mikoto from getting hit and has a flashback when he helped her clean up the pieces of her broken glasses. He decides to help her even further by taking her home by bike and stops at one point so he can allow her to see a beautiful rainbow in the distance. Back in the present, Yuuki mentions that the others in the band are getting both flags right now and knows she has been defeated. Hanai says that he can't shoot her when a gunshot goes off.

Mikoto hits Yuuki with her gun which she and Hanai tell Asou and the other guy about the Band faction. They encountered Karasuma in a hallway which they both were defeated in a couple of shots. Meanwhile, Eri and Tenma are guarding their flag when Eri decides to check out a sound outside. There was a gunshot which Tenma decides to check it out when she sees Eri's body on the ground and sees Karasuma left standing. Hanai and Mikoto both finished off the remaining members of the Band Faction except for Karasuma. Then Harima shows up and forces Mikoto onto the ground and shoots her when Hanai was heading towards him. Karasuma tells Tenma that the Band Faction had no chance of winning but he wanted to do everything in his power to play in the fair. Tenma was going to shoot herself for Karasuma but he stops her from doing it and forces her to shoot him. After Karasuma falls to the ground, Tenma still shoots herself in the end. Hanai and Harima fight off on the roof to decide it all.

Hanai and Harima have a massive gun battle on the roof which neither of them could get a hit on each other. At one point, Hanai asks Harima if he loves Yakumo from the bottom of his heart which he tells him that he needs to defeat him to find out the answer for that. They decided to end it all with a shootout which Hanai falls down to one knee and Harima down on the ground. Hanai asks Harima why did he decide to end it in a shootout since Harima had the advantage in bullets. Harima says to him that he realized that he sees the love that he has for Yakumo and understands his pain as he loves Tenma. In the end, the whole thing was setup by Arika for a movie. The next day, the gym teacher wanted to punish them for having a war game at the school but Itoko managed to stop him from giving out punishments. Then he suggests that they should do both of them instead of having the war game to decide it. A couple of the guys asks Eri about the guy dressed as her which she doesn't know about it. Hanai is going to figure out with everything about the play, cafe, and the band. Harima didn't like how everyone is liking Hanai (or more specifically Tenma) which he says Miko-chan to embarrass him and Mikito. Tenma asks Karasuma to walk home together which he agrees to. He tells her that he doesn't know how to express his feelings about the festival which Tenma helps him with it. Meanwhile, Eri confronts her bulter about being in the war game last night. He joined in because he was worried about Eri and had the training of a soldier which he remembers a flashback about a mission. The mission had him going into a burning building to save a child who shot him who shows him a locket with a picture of a maid in it. He rescued the child and works as a maid now but the child was a guy.

This episode ends the war game which only serve Arika who filmed the entire thing for her own evil purposes. For everyone else, it was a waste of time as it was decided to do both the cafe and play along with the band to play in. The funniest thing was the scene where Harima embarrass both Hanai and Mikoto with Miko-chan since Hanai said it as he was charging towards him and her. The scene was a parody of the first season of GITS: SAC when Batou yell out the Major's name during the final episode and then got made fun of by his coworkers later on but the main difference was that the Major wasn't embarrass by it while Mikoto was. The next episode will be either the actual cultural festival or planning of it.


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