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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yakitate Japan 57

Manga Chapters 134-137

Takumi gives the members of Team Pantasia acupuncture as an apology for Yukino buying all the super tuna when Tsukino enters into her office. Kawachi tries to get her to join them but he gets a bag in his face for his efforts. Takumi says that he has quit CMAP because cooking with them is no fun as they have to fight each other to survive. Kawachi says that they don't have back against CMAP which Takumi gives them a warning that they are professionals and don't let down their guard against them. Three members of CMAP named Kaname Hiroshi, Chimatsuri Gou, and Narumi Shizuta meet with Yukino as she wants them to team up to defeat Team Pantasia. Gou and Narumi thinks that teaming up is a waste of time as Narumi thinks that Gou and Kaname would bring him down. Gou takes offense by the comment and argues with Narumi for a little bit before Kaname insults him. Narumi accuses Kaname for spreading scandals to the media recently which all three of them fight with each other. Kirisaki manages to get them stop arguing and shows them an article about the collapse of CMAP. Gou didn't care that Takumi left but Kaname brings up the point that the loss has made CMAP look weak which means less jobs for them. Kirisaki had the same thoughts which he says to them that they need a complete victory by working together. Gou asks Kirisaki how they should get along which he says that they don't need to get along. He says that they can break up the tasks in making a specialty bread in three ways: choosing the ingredients, preparing the ingredients, and making the bread. The CMAP members liked the idea as they don't like dealing with each other. Kaname will choose the ingredients, Namuri will prepare them, and Gou will make the actual bread with his Flame Arm. St. Pierre chooses panel 1 for the next round which reveals Saito, a city that has many anicent tombs. At Saito, Kanmuri tells Azuma and Kawachi that the specialty product is ripe mangos which grown in greenhouses and has been called the queen of fruit. They find a vendor selling three pieces for 7000 yen which is insane for fruit. These fruits have high sugar and sweetness content which Kawachi tastes a sample. He gets shocked at first and goes into a mambo. CMAP shows up which they insulted Kawachi for having a reaction with just ingredients along with insulting Takumi for losing to Team Pantasia. Kawachi and Azuma didn't like them insulting Takumi which they thought he lost purpose to make them look bad.

Team CMAP are mad at Team Pantasia for Azuma's comment about crushing them with his Japan. Kaname gives Namuri and Gou the list of ingredients he chose which they realized that they are going to make mango curry to fill the bread with. Team Pantasia are surrounded by a bunch of haniwas for their lodgings this time around as they are trying to think up a bread. Azuma suggests that they shouldn't process the mango in order to maintain its taste as Kanmuri suggests that they should freeze the mango as it's resistant to being frozen along with using waffle bread. They made a trial run of the bread which wasn't too successful and has three problems with it. The first problem is the fruit juice itself which part of it has turned into liquid and affects the texture of the bread. The second problem is the artificial sweetness of the waffle which screws up the natural sweetness of the mango. The third problem is that it's hard to eat as the juice drips out of it. Kanmuri knows how to solve the first problem which is using a shock freezer to freeze the mango instead of a regular freezer. Kawachi tells Azuma to give up but Azuma suggests using a haniwa for some reason and tells him that get other fruit from the Miyazaki prefecture tomorrow. Kawachi asks him what Azuma is thinking that which he says that he's going to mix them all up and add them to the dough which fixes the second problem while the haniwa fixes the third problem. On the day of the match, it's very hot which Kanmuri notices that Gou isn't sweating at all. Namuri stirs some liquid which has a powerful smell to it as Kawachi talks to Tsukino and the Manager about they are making curry while they called him a gofer. Kawachi thinks that CMAP isn't doing anything special but the Manager calls him an idiot as they are using demiglace sauce instead of curry powder. Once the water content of the demiglace sauce is reduced to its lowest point, you mixed it with the ripe mango curry. Narumi is a master of Western cooking which he managed to boil the sauce to its lowest point which is hard to do. Kaname talks to Kawachi and the others and taunts them about how they are going to win which Kawachi counters back that Azuma has an amazing gift. Kaname asks Kawachi why you shouldn't directly mix fruit juice into the dough which he answers that it would break down the dough. Kaname asked this question because that's what Azuma did and just shocks Kawachi.

This episode introduces the three more members of CMAP who can't stand each other but Kirisaki gave them an excellent way to work together by dividing up the tasks of making the bread. Meanwhile, Azuma is going to use a haniwa for his bread but Kawachi is surprised by his actions when he mixed the fruit juice with the dough. Azuma has ideas that may seem crazy at first glance but once he finished with the final product, it's something great. The differences of the manga this time has the beginning scene a little bit riskque as Tsukino was entertaining the idea of acupuncture but she rejected it nicely. During the part where Kaname mention the scandals, the manga mentions a couple of them which includes Gou's drug addiction, Narumi's girlfriend had an abortion, and Takumi actually read about his own suicide in a magazine. Yukino thanks Kirisaki for dealing with CMAP as she was about to go with someone else. Kirisaki tells her about the three arrows story (remember Aquarion) but his conclusion is a little bit different as he says that the three arrows should be fired seperately but at the same spot. Kawachi's reaction of the mangoes is different as well which he dreams of a Hawaiian setting and sees the old lady as a beautiful woman and tries to hug her but the old woman stops him in his track. The funny thing about that reaction is that the chapter name was called A Reaction Forbidden to Broadcast. The rest of the episode follow the manga perfectly. The next episode will finish with the battle of Team Pantasia against the combined forces of CMAP.


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