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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 12

At an abandoned mansion, a girl shows the mark of the revenge contract. The scene shifts to a girl named Sawai who's in her room as her teacher wants her to come out and talk. Her mother makes the teacher leave and try again tomorrow. Sawai receives a picture from an online friend named Cheppo which she tells the person about her teacher doesn't understand her feelings and thinks his persistance is digusting. The next day, the teacher tries to get Sawai to come out but was unsuccessful as she receives a message from him that the teacher has problems of his own and feels at ease because of this. On a rainy day, she sends a message to him that she wants to go to the place that the picture is at since her home doesn't feel like her home. Another day, Cheppo sends her a message saying that he skipped school as well and mentions that Sawai should use Hell Correspondance to get revenge. After a few days of considering it, Sawai enters the teacher's name which is Fukasawa Yoshiki since all she hears is the knocking of the door even though he's not around to do it. Emma appears in her room a few moments later. The next day, Hajime visits Yoshiki's classroom which he doesn't have any control over his students as Hajime needs to talk to the students about their problems. Sawai is on her bed with the doll thinking about if she should do the revenge or not. Later in the day, Hajime talks to some students which he asks why they are normal now compared to this morning. They say that they like to talk to each other and don't think it's a problem since Yoshiki is an adult. He asks about Hell Correspondance which one of them has heard about it and then asks them if they know someone that has used it. One of the students say that it's just a rumor for people who are under lots of stress and wants to curse someone with it. He asks Yoshiki if he knew about Hell Correspondance which he says that he has and asks him if it was the real purpose of the interview which he lies about it. Hajime was about to leave when the principal talks to Yoshiki about Sawai as he wants her to show up to the school since it hurts the reputation of the school. Sawai was laying on her bed when her mother knocks on the door which Yoshiki was next to her.

Yoshiki asks Sawai to come back to school since he thinks that she will feel better and think why she stayed at home in the first place. Sawai says that he wouldn't understand her since he does his job properly and live normally. She doesn't like the social interaction of the classroom since it's so much work and wants him to leave her alone even though she realizes that he would get into trouble if she doesn't come back. He suddenly yells at her for thinking that she knows everything and apologizes to her since she was right. He decides to leave her and tells her not to worry her mother so much. Sawai talks to Cheppo as she doesn't know what to do anymore which the person says that they should stop going to school all together. The next day, Sawai returns to the classroom which Yoshiki admits that he feels insecure that she came back. He asks her what's wrong which she says that she doesn't know what to do and came back because he told his feelings. He leaves her for a moment which she sends a message to Cheppo telling the person that she's at school which the message is sent to Yoshiki's phone. She picks up the phone and confirms that Cheppo is really Yoshiki and asks him if he knew that she was Anemone. They go to the abandoned mansion in the picture that he sent to her which he says that he didn't know that she was Anemone and didn't intend to trick her. He needed someone to vent his feelings or he would be miserable. Yoshiki mentions that he didn't understand the feelings of people who didn't come to school when he was a student until he became a teacher. She admits that she submitted his name to Hell Correspondance which he asks if she met with Jigoku Shoujo. She says she did and that she's a sad girl as he wants to meet her. He wants her to send him to hell as he's sick of life altogether now. While sitting in class, Sawai remembers the terms of the contract as she hears other students mentioning that Yoshiki is in pain while seeing him being lectured by a fellow teacher. She ends up pulling the string which Yoshiki is ferried to hell by Emma. She asks him if he realizes what he did as Sawai can't go into heaven now because he wanted to go to Hell. He regrets what he did now as he sent Sawai to Hell as well. Hajime returns to the school to learn that Yoshiki has disappeared from the school now. He talks to Tsugumi about how it went when she recites something that Emma said to her grandmother about Hell being paradise. Her grandmother tells her that she shouldn't worry about a person who was alright going to Hell even though Emma was distressed about it. Sawai feels at ease with herself even though she sent Yoshiki to Hell in that fashion.

This episode was rather strange that you have Yoshiki who wanted to be sent to Hell because he couldn't handle the pressure of his job even though he was motatived to do a good job. Sawai sent the request for revenge because she wanted him to leave her alone even though we don't really know the events that lead up to her staying at home all the time. Yoshiki wouldn't have ask her do the revenge if he knew the price that she paid. He's the first person who regretted his actions and wasn't that bad of a person. There wasn't much malice in this episode has they just wanted to escape the pain of their lives which the cause wasn't just focused by one person but a group of people. Also, Emma seems to have doubts about her work which her grandmother doesn't seem to care about the people she sends to Hell. If they agreed to go to Hell, all the more better not to worry about it. The next episode is going to be rather interesting as Hajime talks to an old man about Emma Ai from 50 years ago.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 11

A guy asks for money from a friend of his named Yuuji which he refuses to help him. Yuuji just used the guy as he had lots of money but now since he lost all of it, he doesn't want to hang out with him. Later that night, the guy accesses Hell Correpsondance and requests revenge for Inagaki Takashi. The guy receives the doll along with the conditions of the revenge which he hasn't pulled the red string yet for three days now as he sees a vision of people without eyes haunting him. Hajime visits the Shibata family grave to pray for a girl named Ayumi when he gets a phone call. Tsugumi was standing in the exact spot where she first met Emma Ai as Hajime visits Takashi at the First Kokumin Company which he used to work at. Takashi called Hajime to catch up on old times which he shows him an article about a poltician named Kataoka Youzou having a money-ridden life which he was arrested because of it. Takashi asks Hajime to keep an eye on a poltician named Kawarazaki because he's going out with a dangerous woman and is a bad guy which he accepts the job. Then he was told if he couldn't find anything, Takashi said to make it up. Hajime tries to leave but Takashi threatens to blackmail him if he doesn't do a good job about it. Hajime leaves the building when the guy who requested revenge was about to punch out a guard for not allowing him to see Takashi and stops him from punching him. Hajime and the guy talk under a bench in the rain which Hajime explains that Takashi is a horrible person. The guy reveals himself to be the son of Kataoka Youzou which he was rumored of doing drugs which Takashi made up the entire article. By the time the article was withdrawen, it was too late to stop the arrest along with the seizure of assets. Hajime asks him if he had tried to kill him which he mentions that he has sent the request for revenge. Hajime says that revenge isn't worth it as he will throw his life away for just a bit of happiness which Kataoka runs off. He realizes that the murder request was from Jigoku Shoujo not from professional killers.

Tsugumi is making some soup which the manager of a restaurant like very much when suddenly she receives a vision of the next target. Hajime was spying on Takashi which he was having a good time with a couple of hookers when Tsugumi calls him about the vision and describes the area he's currently at right now. Kataoka tries to kill Takashi with a broken bottle and says that he used him to get to his father. His attempt was unsuccessful as Takashi used his karate on him. Hajime asks Kataoka if he submitted his request for revenge to Jigoku Shoujo as Emma's helpers realize that Hajime is an obstacle to them. Kataoka explains to Hajime that Jigoku Shoujo does exist along with the terms of the contract. Hajime tries to get Kataoka not to pull the string with the promise that he will get Takashi to admit his crimes. The two hookers from before tells Hajime that Takashi left with a snotty woman who is one of Emma's helpers. She takes Takashi to a trap building as Hajime was too late to stop the revenge. Takashi is trapped in a newspaper which he says that he's just fulfilling the desires of the readers and doesn't care about the people he hurts with his lies. Hajime confronts Kataoka about pulling the string which he shows him the mark and says that the damage has been done. He leaves Hajime as it begins to rain.

The episode shows a little bit more of Hajime who isn't like Takashi who makes up the truth to sell newspapers. Even though he does investigate people, he won't make up fake information to satifisy his own interests. This was his best attempt to stop a revenge so far and got some information on Emma and the others. Kataoka was so caught up on his hatred for Takashi that Hajime's offer didn't mean anything to him. I think now that Hajime has gotten into the radar of Emma and the helpers now. What they are going to do with him is a mystery at this point but they might have to do something soon. The next episode has a girl named Sawai Akane who wants revenge on a guy who treated her badly.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


xxxHolic 1

Manga Chapters 1-2

A high-school student walks along a street and suddenly begins running away from a bunch of spirits that pinned him down on the ground but everyone else thinks there's nothing on him. He touches a fence which makes the spirits disappear and looks at the house behind the fence. Suddenly, an unknown force drags him into yard which two girls welcome him as a customer. He tries to run away but he couldn't as the girls and the unknown force drags him into the house where he meets a mysterious woman. He tries to leave the house but she tells him to take an item in his pocket which he gives her a watch. She asks for his name which he says Watanuki Kimihiro which Watanuki is spelled like April 1st which is his birthday as well. She couldn't believe that he gave out his real name and birthday to a complete stranger as she can take his soul and giving a view of his entire life. The woman tells Watanuki that her name is Ichihara Yuuko but it's a fake name. She introduces the girls as Marudashi and Morodashi or Maru and Moro for short. He asks for his watch but Yukko wouldn't allow him to leave yet. Maru and Moro bring out a bowl with water in it which Yuuko places an object in it. She tells him that he can see spirits because of his blood calls out to them even though he never said anything about seeing spirits. She's going to keep the watch as compension even though he didn't get anything in return. Watankui asks what type of place is this which she says that it's a shop that can make wishes come true for a price which can include the person's soul. Watankui thought that she would take a person's life but she wouldn't take it because it's not worth the price on her life. She takes something important to the person of equal value as compensation for making the wish coming true. He says that he doesn't have anything to wish for but she knows that he wants to get rid of the ability to see spirits which he ends asking her to do it. She accepts the wish which in return, he has to work at the shop. His first official act is to get Yuuko's drinking buddy from the treasure room for his welcoming party. He finds her drinking buddy in the room which is a black stuffed animal who has been sleeping for three years. The stuffed animal is called Mokona and Yuuko has Watankui take him to do some shopping for the party.

Everyone is looking at Mokona in Watankui's bag which is annoyed and embarrassed by him who throws up in the bag because he was rolling around in the bag. They were at the supermarket when Watankui sees a spirit nearby who follows him around. While walking back home, he overheards some high-school girls talking which one of them hears and sees spirits as well. She says that they caused her some pain and suddenly goes down on the ground saying that a spirit suddenly attacked her. Watankui talks to the girl saying that the spirits aren't going to hurt her which she says what he knows. She mentions that she's in pain and afraid and thinks that he doesn't understand her pain. The spirit from earlier surrounds Watankui as Mokona runs off to a takoyaki shop. He bumps into the girl which the spirit goes from him to the girl and surrounds her like it did to him earlier. Watankui and Mokona returned home which Yuuko knew that the spirit would transfer to another person. He didn't want the spirits to transfer to other people which Yuuko says that some people wished for them while others don't. He's sadden about people wishing for spirits to come to them as Yuuko says people are free to choose even though the choice makes them unhappy. He begins to leave the shop as she says that the bond between them can't be broken and that every event in his life has meaning. He ends up coming back to Yuuko's shop to return her money.

xxxHolic is based on the manga from the same name from CLAMP. The episode did a good job setting up the story and the main characters but it half of it was based on the manga. After Watankui became Yuuko's personal servant, the manga and the anime went on a different path. It introduced the black Monoka earlier than it should along with the whole encounter with the spirit-seeing girl wasn't in the manga at all. Also when Yuuko was reading Watankui earlier, she mention his family heritage in the manga but not in the anime. The spirit-seeing girl story gives a good example on how the stories in xxxHolic play out. I really hoped that the series will have the characters from Tsubasa as well since they are so interconnected to each other. I like the animation and the music is good. The OP and ED really go with the series which the ED reminds me of the ED song from ROD TV. The next episode introduces Watankui's love interest along with a girl with a ring that has smoke coming out of it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

School Rumble S2 5

It's the first day of the cultural festival which is also Karasuma's birthday. Tenma and the others are going to have a surprise party for him which she made a cake for him. Goriyama goes into class 2-c's cafe which is like a hostess cafe. Saeko gets assigned to him who gives him some coffee and manages to subdue him. Tenma is the only girl who hasn't been requested yet as she doubts if she's cute as the other girls tell her it's ok. Then she talks to Little Mama (aka Arika) who tells her that she herself was once like her which raises her spirit. The cafe was doing well at first until the Tea Club Cafe took all the business way with their cosplaying. They had Nara to go scout but he didn't return which Hanai decides to go there to scout. He falls into the trap as Yakumo gets him into playing detective with her as his partner. Tenma gets requested by children by pretending to be Dojibiron Pink.

Harima acts out an episode of the Three Slashed with the school nurse being a slave girl who then betray him. He was forced to wash dishes since he couldn't pay for the cafe while thinking that he should be receiving the result of the Jingama Rookie Prize. Yakumo was being hit by a guy which she was saved by a nun who gives her a package. Imouto tells Harima that sensei is waiting in the back which it was Yakumo dressed as a manga author. Harima tells her that he hasn't been drawing lately since his fire has been burnted out and asks her how she can continue drawing. She says that she wants to see people around her happy and tells him not give up. Then Hanai shows up asking Yakumo to return his glasses along with playing detective again. Yoshidayama ends up winning the Swimsuit Sumo Contest.

Harima gets a call from his agent saying that Nakamura is accepting Harima's award for best rookie. He calls Imouto about receiving the award while the 2-C cafe is depressed that the Tea Club stole all their business. Hanai tries to raise their spirits but doesn't work until the girls came back. Tenma notices that Yakumo is making a cake for Harima for receiving the award which she takes both of them. She places one of the cakes on a desk in the hallway which Harima accidently knocks over. He sees MA on the cake and thinks that the cake is his and fixes it up. Later on, they celebrate Karasuma's birthday which Tenma was about to reveal the cake. Harima decides to destroy the cake since he thought it was his but it wasn't as it was Yoshidayama's cake. Tenma shows his real cake which the cake that he ruined earlier was actually Karasuma's cake. She goes to get his cake which she finds out that the cake has Harima's name on it. Tenma cuts up most of the cake so that only the MA part is shown and makes up a lie that she loves cakes so much. Later that night, Tenma is crying about destroying Karasuma's cake when he suddenly appears. She showed him a picture of him showing some factual expression which he thanks her for today and walked home together.

Rewinding a little bit, a couple of kids named Mio and Shuuji were trying to find their older brothers in the fair. She mentions to him that he wants to find a person named Tsukamoto which he runs off afterwards. She walks around the school thinking that Tsukamoto is very mature and grown-up when Mikoto calls out her name which she sees Tenma in a mask. Mio thinks that Tenma is the person that Shuuji likes and decides to go home but falls down some stairs and rips part of her shirt. Hanai questions her which scares her as Yakumo gets him away from her pretty quickly. Yakumo fixes up Mio's shirt as she asks her about how to deal with Shuuji which she tells her to smile all the time. Later that day, Mio and Shuuji managed to find each other as he was worried about her which they walked home together. Shuuji's brother is Harima while Mio's brother is Harima's rival, Tennouji.

It's finally the start of the cultural festival which focused on the cafes. Class 2-C got their inspiriation from the water trade while Tea Club got their idea from cosplay. Harima wins the Rookie award as Yakumo makes a cake for him which it causes trouble later on in the episode. Tenma and Karasuma are becoming more like a couple. The only funny part was when Arika was being Mama. That was great. The next episode is the play part of the cultural festival which it's going to be some messed up thing.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Bleach 78

Jinta, Ururu, and Tessai are taking care of Ishida and Yoshi while Jinta cleans Kon in a hot water tub which he tries to enjoy it. Tessai yells out Jinta and Kon for being too loud. Meanwhile, Ichigo is depressing everyone which Rukia asks Yoruichi if they receive any information from Soul Society. Mayuri managed to bypass the lock on the Bount file which he mentions that the Quincy and the Bounts fought against each other before. The Bounts weren't exactly human when facing off against the Quincy. Mayuri noticed during a video filmed that the Bounts were targeting a particular Quincy but unable to determine if the Bounts were successful in getting the Quincy or not since the video was cut off at that point. Nemu explains that after the incident, the Bounts began to feed off living human souls which they forego their rule about feeding on human souls. Mayuri thinks that the Bounts are going to feed living human souls very soon. Rukia thinks that Kariya needs Ishida's power and living human souls to open the way to Recomundo which Yoruichi says that they can't assume anything at this point. Ichigo wants to know why Kariya wants to go to Hollow world when he's so strong along with that he can't win right now. Suddenly, Ganju shows up and crashes into the store with a boar as he skipped out work leaving Hanamaru covering for him. He took the boar from the zoo which he noticed a dark and heavy spirit force which was coming from Ichigo. Ganju decides to have Ichigo do some training since he's in a bad mood. Ichigo didn't want to do it but Rukia along with Renji and Ganju force him to do it.

Kariya and Maki are going for the rubble of the mansion to find anything of use while Kon is getting dried on a clothes hanger which Tessai tells them to be quiet. Ishida talks to Yoshi which she apologizes for getting him involved. She has no idea of Kariya's plan as she believes it isn't worth it to break the rules of the clan along with human live. She mentions that the Bounts had a mutation that they can't reproduce anymore which the Bounts are a dying clan. Ganju has Renji spar with Ichigo while he stands from afar and mocking him. Then Ganju attacks Ichigo with his sand powers and fireworks which he gets caught in the crossfire. He retracts back to his spot but he gets a call from Hanamaru telling him to go back to work since he's been overwhelmed by the number of people. Renji continues to fight Ichigo which he says that Ichigo has become a coward. Ganju managed to come back to the store by entering through the bathroom which the owner completely believe that he was. Ishida asks Yoshi if she has pride as a Bount like he has pride of being a Quincy. Renji reminds Ichigo that it isn't about wins and losses as Ichigo went to Soul Society and didn't care about winning or losing. That managed to get Ichigo back into his fighting spirit which scared Renji for a bit. Yoshi leaves Ishida as she says that she still has pride as a Bount. Yoruichi and Urahara notice that she left which he mentions that she still has to do something which she will probably die for it while Yoruichi leaves for Soul Society to get more information. Ishida wakes up to see that Yoshi has left.

This episode was basically to slow down the action and get some more information on the Bounts. I think Kariya is trying to remove the mutation that made the Bounts unable to reproduce which is the reason for doing all of this. Ishida will once again try to save Yoshi which she doesn't want to be saved at this point. I still don't know what's going on with this arc as it has its moments but it's just average. Anyway, the next episode has Yoshi facing off Kariya in a fight to the death along with more plot development.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ah! My Goddess S2 4

Keiichi and the gang are invited to Sayoko's Christmas party which she has a huge mansion. Belldandy mentions that Sayoko is a nice person which Keiichi and Megumi are like confused. The gang is underdress for the party which Ohtaki and Tamiya are acting like pigs while Urd is being a total drunk and Skuld pigging out on ice cream. Sayoko makes her appearance by dropping down from the stage and says it's a small party (even though it's quite big) and prepared some entertainment organized by her. A spotlight appears on Belldandy which Sayoko gets her to do some side-show entertainment with the judges being from heads of Sayoko's companies. Sayoko sings one line from the first season first ED which the judges give her all tens. Belldandy gives her version of the first season OP which everyone in the party cries and receives all hundreds. The next act is magic tricks which Sayoko makes a few birds appear out of a hat while Belldandy makes a swan appear from a hat which she gets all thousands from the judges. Sayoko has a lion jumped through a ring of fire while Belldandy calms and pets the lion down. Then there was the swimsuit competition which everyone wanted to focus on Belldandy to the point that the spotlight was removed from Sayoko. Megumi mentions that Belldandy is so perfect which she tells Keiichi that he's lucky to have her all to himself. Sayoko gets Belldandy to drink which Keiichi has a naughty thought about Belldandy being drunk via Megumi. Sayoko tries to get Belldandy drunk which fails badly as she throws up on Aoshima from drinking too much along with the smell of Spirytus which has 96% alcohol. Keiichi thinks that Belldandy is drunk and gives her a coke from Megumi to sober up. She drinks the coke because she hasn't drank it ever. A drunk Hasagawa talks to Keiichi about how everyone thinks she's a junior high student and tries to show off her breasts to him. Belldandy is crying over Hasagawa's plight which she embraces her and makes her giant-sized because she got drunk over a can of coke.

Ohtaki and Tamiya think that Hasegawa becoming a drunk is part of the act instead being real magic while Belldandy gave a waiter some potato chips. Keiichi talks to Skuld and Urd about Belldandy being drunk from coke which Urd thinks it's Belldandy like. He tries to search for Belldandy but he falls down because of a bottle while Belldandy teleports a cat onto Urd's head which causes Urd and Skuld to fight during the party. Meanwhile, Keiichi steps on a block of concrete which collaspes from under him. Marller returns after recovering from the Lord of Terror incident which the lightpole she was standing on falls down due to Belldandy. Marller praises Belldandy for the surprise attack and becomes confused when she falls down to please her. Marller runs away afterwards since she didn't want pity from Belldandy along with that she was being mocked at. Belldandy's attention turns to a crying girl who's stuffed animal right leg came apart from a guy. Keiichi continues to search for Belldandy which the amount of mishappenings continued to increase as he finds Belldandy too late who uses her powers. Hijiri gives Keiichi her cellphone as Urd calls him. She explains that Belldandy is using Keiichi's stock of happiness to give other people happiness which causes him to receive a bunch of mishappenings. The stuffed bear attacks Keiichi after Urd continues her war with Skuld. Belldandy is on a lightpole which she hears complains about not having a boyfriend, walking up a hill, and a dog finding bones. She gives them happiness which the girl gets a steak flounder instead of a boyfriend, a hill moving up, and finding a dinosaur. Keiichi follows the trail of happiness as Aoishima approaches Belldandy with a wish for her to be with him forever. She rejects his wish as it's the only thing that she cannot do because she has Keiichi. She wants to be with Keiichi which is more important than anything else and cannot betray it. Aoishima gets mad Belldandy as Keiichi counts down the mishappenings which a fountain erupting and sprays water all over Aoishima. Keiichi and Belldandy with their hands together which they become stuck due to Belldandy's power. Then she falls asleep because of using too much of her power. Keiichi calls Urd to see if there's a solution to his problem which she says that everything will be fine in the morning after some reprogramming.

This episode shows that Belldandy can't be affected by alcohol but gets drunk off of coke. That would be nice for some people since it would be cheaper than buying alcohol. Even while drunk, Belldandy will never betray Keiichi to be with another guy. Also, never take Urd and Skuld to a party or they will blow up your house. Marller makes her first season 2 appearance which she looks more like a woman (bigger breasts). I guess that recovery time some how improve her bust size. The next episode has the Motor Club doing some crazy things along with Aoishima trying to get Belldandy.