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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ah! My Goddess S2 4

Keiichi and the gang are invited to Sayoko's Christmas party which she has a huge mansion. Belldandy mentions that Sayoko is a nice person which Keiichi and Megumi are like confused. The gang is underdress for the party which Ohtaki and Tamiya are acting like pigs while Urd is being a total drunk and Skuld pigging out on ice cream. Sayoko makes her appearance by dropping down from the stage and says it's a small party (even though it's quite big) and prepared some entertainment organized by her. A spotlight appears on Belldandy which Sayoko gets her to do some side-show entertainment with the judges being from heads of Sayoko's companies. Sayoko sings one line from the first season first ED which the judges give her all tens. Belldandy gives her version of the first season OP which everyone in the party cries and receives all hundreds. The next act is magic tricks which Sayoko makes a few birds appear out of a hat while Belldandy makes a swan appear from a hat which she gets all thousands from the judges. Sayoko has a lion jumped through a ring of fire while Belldandy calms and pets the lion down. Then there was the swimsuit competition which everyone wanted to focus on Belldandy to the point that the spotlight was removed from Sayoko. Megumi mentions that Belldandy is so perfect which she tells Keiichi that he's lucky to have her all to himself. Sayoko gets Belldandy to drink which Keiichi has a naughty thought about Belldandy being drunk via Megumi. Sayoko tries to get Belldandy drunk which fails badly as she throws up on Aoshima from drinking too much along with the smell of Spirytus which has 96% alcohol. Keiichi thinks that Belldandy is drunk and gives her a coke from Megumi to sober up. She drinks the coke because she hasn't drank it ever. A drunk Hasagawa talks to Keiichi about how everyone thinks she's a junior high student and tries to show off her breasts to him. Belldandy is crying over Hasagawa's plight which she embraces her and makes her giant-sized because she got drunk over a can of coke.

Ohtaki and Tamiya think that Hasegawa becoming a drunk is part of the act instead being real magic while Belldandy gave a waiter some potato chips. Keiichi talks to Skuld and Urd about Belldandy being drunk from coke which Urd thinks it's Belldandy like. He tries to search for Belldandy but he falls down because of a bottle while Belldandy teleports a cat onto Urd's head which causes Urd and Skuld to fight during the party. Meanwhile, Keiichi steps on a block of concrete which collaspes from under him. Marller returns after recovering from the Lord of Terror incident which the lightpole she was standing on falls down due to Belldandy. Marller praises Belldandy for the surprise attack and becomes confused when she falls down to please her. Marller runs away afterwards since she didn't want pity from Belldandy along with that she was being mocked at. Belldandy's attention turns to a crying girl who's stuffed animal right leg came apart from a guy. Keiichi continues to search for Belldandy which the amount of mishappenings continued to increase as he finds Belldandy too late who uses her powers. Hijiri gives Keiichi her cellphone as Urd calls him. She explains that Belldandy is using Keiichi's stock of happiness to give other people happiness which causes him to receive a bunch of mishappenings. The stuffed bear attacks Keiichi after Urd continues her war with Skuld. Belldandy is on a lightpole which she hears complains about not having a boyfriend, walking up a hill, and a dog finding bones. She gives them happiness which the girl gets a steak flounder instead of a boyfriend, a hill moving up, and finding a dinosaur. Keiichi follows the trail of happiness as Aoishima approaches Belldandy with a wish for her to be with him forever. She rejects his wish as it's the only thing that she cannot do because she has Keiichi. She wants to be with Keiichi which is more important than anything else and cannot betray it. Aoishima gets mad Belldandy as Keiichi counts down the mishappenings which a fountain erupting and sprays water all over Aoishima. Keiichi and Belldandy with their hands together which they become stuck due to Belldandy's power. Then she falls asleep because of using too much of her power. Keiichi calls Urd to see if there's a solution to his problem which she says that everything will be fine in the morning after some reprogramming.

This episode shows that Belldandy can't be affected by alcohol but gets drunk off of coke. That would be nice for some people since it would be cheaper than buying alcohol. Even while drunk, Belldandy will never betray Keiichi to be with another guy. Also, never take Urd and Skuld to a party or they will blow up your house. Marller makes her first season 2 appearance which she looks more like a woman (bigger breasts). I guess that recovery time some how improve her bust size. The next episode has the Motor Club doing some crazy things along with Aoishima trying to get Belldandy.


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