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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Aria the Natural 3

Akari playing with a laptop while Alice massages Aika's shoulders since she's so stiff due to the cold. Akari was checking the weather when she sees a movie of a meteor shower. They agreed to see it tonight which Alice asks them why they could see it. She begins to explain it when Al shows up with some groceries. He's going to explain how gravity affects a meteor shower over lunch which he takes them a mushroom hotpot restaurant as Alice and Aika think it's retro. Al is going to pay for the lunch since he's the oldest out of them (even though he looks quite young). While eating, Al mentions that Aqua has less gravity compared to Man-Home which his job as a gnome controls the gravity of Aqua. Aika says that the ratio between Aqua and Man-Home is 1/3. Due to gravity, it causes a force of attraction between objects. He tries to explain the meteor shower further but they end up eating lots of food. After eating lunch, Aika invites Al to view the meteor shower with them as a thank you for the food. Akari wanted to invite Akatsuki and Woody as well but Aika rejected that idea since she doesn't like them that much (even though she didn't directly say that.) Aika waits for Akari and Alice to show up which Akari scares her when she appeared. Akari tells Aika that Alice decided to go sleep instead while Al scares Aika when he was laughing with them in unison. They get some food at a vendor which Al suggests that they should find a better spot to watch them so the street lights won't dim the area. While walking the city, Aika thinks Al is childish in his own way even though he acts like an old man.

Aika tells Al that she isn't sure if he's childish or mature which isn't very fair to her at all. Akari stops everyone as she notices that the tunnel lights are burning out which makes it scary to walk though. She counters this with singing a song which soon afterwards, Aika suggests that they should go on a roof to view them. She has Al go first since she didn't want him to see their panties even though she was scared to climb it. Then she gets Akari scared by telling her not to look down which she did anyway. Al mentions that the buildings in the city can't be any higher than the church so they have a good viewing spot. Al explains that meteor showers are bits of space dust that get attracted to Aqua's gravity and burn on impact in the atmosphere while they view the meteor shower. They have some cafe au lait while viewing them. At one point, Akari, Aria, and Hime all disappeared leaving Aika and Al alone together to see lots of meteors descending all at once. Akari was looking around on other roofs when Aika and Al were alone. Afterwards, he mentions that some meteors don't burn up and actually impacted on Aqua.

This episode was mostly about how Aika beginning to have feelings towards Al but the way she expresses them isn't obvious to him since she just insults him for making bad jokes. I even think that Akari knows how Aika feels towards Al which she decided to leave them alone for a bit. Aika thinks that Akari is just slow-witted but she knows a lot more than she lets on. I guess that Akari follows her master, Alicia pretty well. The next episode title is That Neo-Venezia Colored Heart.


  • At 4:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Aria has a good story.I like to read the story about relation between aika and al.they were some unique couple.So,READ IT!


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