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Monday, May 08, 2006

Bleach 78

Jinta, Ururu, and Tessai are taking care of Ishida and Yoshi while Jinta cleans Kon in a hot water tub which he tries to enjoy it. Tessai yells out Jinta and Kon for being too loud. Meanwhile, Ichigo is depressing everyone which Rukia asks Yoruichi if they receive any information from Soul Society. Mayuri managed to bypass the lock on the Bount file which he mentions that the Quincy and the Bounts fought against each other before. The Bounts weren't exactly human when facing off against the Quincy. Mayuri noticed during a video filmed that the Bounts were targeting a particular Quincy but unable to determine if the Bounts were successful in getting the Quincy or not since the video was cut off at that point. Nemu explains that after the incident, the Bounts began to feed off living human souls which they forego their rule about feeding on human souls. Mayuri thinks that the Bounts are going to feed living human souls very soon. Rukia thinks that Kariya needs Ishida's power and living human souls to open the way to Recomundo which Yoruichi says that they can't assume anything at this point. Ichigo wants to know why Kariya wants to go to Hollow world when he's so strong along with that he can't win right now. Suddenly, Ganju shows up and crashes into the store with a boar as he skipped out work leaving Hanamaru covering for him. He took the boar from the zoo which he noticed a dark and heavy spirit force which was coming from Ichigo. Ganju decides to have Ichigo do some training since he's in a bad mood. Ichigo didn't want to do it but Rukia along with Renji and Ganju force him to do it.

Kariya and Maki are going for the rubble of the mansion to find anything of use while Kon is getting dried on a clothes hanger which Tessai tells them to be quiet. Ishida talks to Yoshi which she apologizes for getting him involved. She has no idea of Kariya's plan as she believes it isn't worth it to break the rules of the clan along with human live. She mentions that the Bounts had a mutation that they can't reproduce anymore which the Bounts are a dying clan. Ganju has Renji spar with Ichigo while he stands from afar and mocking him. Then Ganju attacks Ichigo with his sand powers and fireworks which he gets caught in the crossfire. He retracts back to his spot but he gets a call from Hanamaru telling him to go back to work since he's been overwhelmed by the number of people. Renji continues to fight Ichigo which he says that Ichigo has become a coward. Ganju managed to come back to the store by entering through the bathroom which the owner completely believe that he was. Ishida asks Yoshi if she has pride as a Bount like he has pride of being a Quincy. Renji reminds Ichigo that it isn't about wins and losses as Ichigo went to Soul Society and didn't care about winning or losing. That managed to get Ichigo back into his fighting spirit which scared Renji for a bit. Yoshi leaves Ishida as she says that she still has pride as a Bount. Yoruichi and Urahara notice that she left which he mentions that she still has to do something which she will probably die for it while Yoruichi leaves for Soul Society to get more information. Ishida wakes up to see that Yoshi has left.

This episode was basically to slow down the action and get some more information on the Bounts. I think Kariya is trying to remove the mutation that made the Bounts unable to reproduce which is the reason for doing all of this. Ishida will once again try to save Yoshi which she doesn't want to be saved at this point. I still don't know what's going on with this arc as it has its moments but it's just average. Anyway, the next episode has Yoshi facing off Kariya in a fight to the death along with more plot development.


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