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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 11

A guy asks for money from a friend of his named Yuuji which he refuses to help him. Yuuji just used the guy as he had lots of money but now since he lost all of it, he doesn't want to hang out with him. Later that night, the guy accesses Hell Correpsondance and requests revenge for Inagaki Takashi. The guy receives the doll along with the conditions of the revenge which he hasn't pulled the red string yet for three days now as he sees a vision of people without eyes haunting him. Hajime visits the Shibata family grave to pray for a girl named Ayumi when he gets a phone call. Tsugumi was standing in the exact spot where she first met Emma Ai as Hajime visits Takashi at the First Kokumin Company which he used to work at. Takashi called Hajime to catch up on old times which he shows him an article about a poltician named Kataoka Youzou having a money-ridden life which he was arrested because of it. Takashi asks Hajime to keep an eye on a poltician named Kawarazaki because he's going out with a dangerous woman and is a bad guy which he accepts the job. Then he was told if he couldn't find anything, Takashi said to make it up. Hajime tries to leave but Takashi threatens to blackmail him if he doesn't do a good job about it. Hajime leaves the building when the guy who requested revenge was about to punch out a guard for not allowing him to see Takashi and stops him from punching him. Hajime and the guy talk under a bench in the rain which Hajime explains that Takashi is a horrible person. The guy reveals himself to be the son of Kataoka Youzou which he was rumored of doing drugs which Takashi made up the entire article. By the time the article was withdrawen, it was too late to stop the arrest along with the seizure of assets. Hajime asks him if he had tried to kill him which he mentions that he has sent the request for revenge. Hajime says that revenge isn't worth it as he will throw his life away for just a bit of happiness which Kataoka runs off. He realizes that the murder request was from Jigoku Shoujo not from professional killers.

Tsugumi is making some soup which the manager of a restaurant like very much when suddenly she receives a vision of the next target. Hajime was spying on Takashi which he was having a good time with a couple of hookers when Tsugumi calls him about the vision and describes the area he's currently at right now. Kataoka tries to kill Takashi with a broken bottle and says that he used him to get to his father. His attempt was unsuccessful as Takashi used his karate on him. Hajime asks Kataoka if he submitted his request for revenge to Jigoku Shoujo as Emma's helpers realize that Hajime is an obstacle to them. Kataoka explains to Hajime that Jigoku Shoujo does exist along with the terms of the contract. Hajime tries to get Kataoka not to pull the string with the promise that he will get Takashi to admit his crimes. The two hookers from before tells Hajime that Takashi left with a snotty woman who is one of Emma's helpers. She takes Takashi to a trap building as Hajime was too late to stop the revenge. Takashi is trapped in a newspaper which he says that he's just fulfilling the desires of the readers and doesn't care about the people he hurts with his lies. Hajime confronts Kataoka about pulling the string which he shows him the mark and says that the damage has been done. He leaves Hajime as it begins to rain.

The episode shows a little bit more of Hajime who isn't like Takashi who makes up the truth to sell newspapers. Even though he does investigate people, he won't make up fake information to satifisy his own interests. This was his best attempt to stop a revenge so far and got some information on Emma and the others. Kataoka was so caught up on his hatred for Takashi that Hajime's offer didn't mean anything to him. I think now that Hajime has gotten into the radar of Emma and the helpers now. What they are going to do with him is a mystery at this point but they might have to do something soon. The next episode has a girl named Sawai Akane who wants revenge on a guy who treated her badly.


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