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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 12

At an abandoned mansion, a girl shows the mark of the revenge contract. The scene shifts to a girl named Sawai who's in her room as her teacher wants her to come out and talk. Her mother makes the teacher leave and try again tomorrow. Sawai receives a picture from an online friend named Cheppo which she tells the person about her teacher doesn't understand her feelings and thinks his persistance is digusting. The next day, the teacher tries to get Sawai to come out but was unsuccessful as she receives a message from him that the teacher has problems of his own and feels at ease because of this. On a rainy day, she sends a message to him that she wants to go to the place that the picture is at since her home doesn't feel like her home. Another day, Cheppo sends her a message saying that he skipped school as well and mentions that Sawai should use Hell Correspondance to get revenge. After a few days of considering it, Sawai enters the teacher's name which is Fukasawa Yoshiki since all she hears is the knocking of the door even though he's not around to do it. Emma appears in her room a few moments later. The next day, Hajime visits Yoshiki's classroom which he doesn't have any control over his students as Hajime needs to talk to the students about their problems. Sawai is on her bed with the doll thinking about if she should do the revenge or not. Later in the day, Hajime talks to some students which he asks why they are normal now compared to this morning. They say that they like to talk to each other and don't think it's a problem since Yoshiki is an adult. He asks about Hell Correspondance which one of them has heard about it and then asks them if they know someone that has used it. One of the students say that it's just a rumor for people who are under lots of stress and wants to curse someone with it. He asks Yoshiki if he knew about Hell Correspondance which he says that he has and asks him if it was the real purpose of the interview which he lies about it. Hajime was about to leave when the principal talks to Yoshiki about Sawai as he wants her to show up to the school since it hurts the reputation of the school. Sawai was laying on her bed when her mother knocks on the door which Yoshiki was next to her.

Yoshiki asks Sawai to come back to school since he thinks that she will feel better and think why she stayed at home in the first place. Sawai says that he wouldn't understand her since he does his job properly and live normally. She doesn't like the social interaction of the classroom since it's so much work and wants him to leave her alone even though she realizes that he would get into trouble if she doesn't come back. He suddenly yells at her for thinking that she knows everything and apologizes to her since she was right. He decides to leave her and tells her not to worry her mother so much. Sawai talks to Cheppo as she doesn't know what to do anymore which the person says that they should stop going to school all together. The next day, Sawai returns to the classroom which Yoshiki admits that he feels insecure that she came back. He asks her what's wrong which she says that she doesn't know what to do and came back because he told his feelings. He leaves her for a moment which she sends a message to Cheppo telling the person that she's at school which the message is sent to Yoshiki's phone. She picks up the phone and confirms that Cheppo is really Yoshiki and asks him if he knew that she was Anemone. They go to the abandoned mansion in the picture that he sent to her which he says that he didn't know that she was Anemone and didn't intend to trick her. He needed someone to vent his feelings or he would be miserable. Yoshiki mentions that he didn't understand the feelings of people who didn't come to school when he was a student until he became a teacher. She admits that she submitted his name to Hell Correspondance which he asks if she met with Jigoku Shoujo. She says she did and that she's a sad girl as he wants to meet her. He wants her to send him to hell as he's sick of life altogether now. While sitting in class, Sawai remembers the terms of the contract as she hears other students mentioning that Yoshiki is in pain while seeing him being lectured by a fellow teacher. She ends up pulling the string which Yoshiki is ferried to hell by Emma. She asks him if he realizes what he did as Sawai can't go into heaven now because he wanted to go to Hell. He regrets what he did now as he sent Sawai to Hell as well. Hajime returns to the school to learn that Yoshiki has disappeared from the school now. He talks to Tsugumi about how it went when she recites something that Emma said to her grandmother about Hell being paradise. Her grandmother tells her that she shouldn't worry about a person who was alright going to Hell even though Emma was distressed about it. Sawai feels at ease with herself even though she sent Yoshiki to Hell in that fashion.

This episode was rather strange that you have Yoshiki who wanted to be sent to Hell because he couldn't handle the pressure of his job even though he was motatived to do a good job. Sawai sent the request for revenge because she wanted him to leave her alone even though we don't really know the events that lead up to her staying at home all the time. Yoshiki wouldn't have ask her do the revenge if he knew the price that she paid. He's the first person who regretted his actions and wasn't that bad of a person. There wasn't much malice in this episode has they just wanted to escape the pain of their lives which the cause wasn't just focused by one person but a group of people. Also, Emma seems to have doubts about her work which her grandmother doesn't seem to care about the people she sends to Hell. If they agreed to go to Hell, all the more better not to worry about it. The next episode is going to be rather interesting as Hajime talks to an old man about Emma Ai from 50 years ago.


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