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Monday, May 01, 2006

The Law of Ueki 51 and Review

The last episode of Ueki finishes the battle between Ueki and Anon as Ueki is at a disadvantage as Anon isn't a power user no more. Everytime Ueki hits Anon with his powers, he loses a zai which after the 18th hit, he will disappeared forever. Will Ueki be able to defeat Anon without disappearing forever? Well, you're not going to find out here since endings must be watched not read. I will say this though. The ending has its Ueki moments into it which I very much enjoyed. It's also a good way to end the series. I'm not sure if a sequel will come in the future but it's possible there could be one but very unlikely. It managed to tie up almost all the loose ends except for what were Rihou and Kilnorton's powers were. All and all, it was a very happy ending.

This series looks like a standard shounen series but on second glance, it's rather unique. First thing is the powers which you have abilities like turning garbage into trees, turning people into glasses' lovers, beads into bombs, and projecting a person's voice via a portrait. It's not the standard fire, ice, lightning, and wind type of powers which makes for interesting battles. Sure the story is typicial but the characters make it interesting though. Ueki isn't like the standard main hero who's stupid moments are just plain stupid. His stupid moments are actually funny which is rare for me to get laugh. I very much liked Mori throughout the series as she acted his partner along with the common sense that Ueki doesn't really have. The other characters throughout the series had their unique personalities and powers which made the series so much enjoyable to watch. At first, I didn't like the character designs but they grew on me over time (especially seeing the manga version of the characters). The music was good along with two great OPs and one great ED. The animation didn't start off good at first but it got better over time.

Overall, The Law of Ueki does the same thing over again in the shounen genre but it adds spice and uniqueness to the formula. It may seem odd and stupid at first but allow it to grow on you. It will become something you looked forward to each episode wondering what crazy thing will Ueki and the others will pull off. It has action, comedy, and drama which is all good. I give Law of Ueki a 4.5 out of 5.


  • At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Ersatz Datura said…

    Yeah, this series turned out to be one of my favorite. Sure, it's a shounen fighting adventure anime, but it has something a lot of them lack: charm. And charm in spades.

    By the way, there is a sequel, Law of Ueki Plus. Sadly, I'd heard the manga-ka had fallen ill and so the future of the manga and a possible anime was in doubt. I hope he gets better as I'd love to see more.

  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger psgels said…

    Rihou's power supposedly is the ability to tie his mind to a stick. His God-Candidate tells us that in the fourth episode (or whenever the first fight between Ueki and Rihou took place). I would have loved to see that happen. :P

    And yes, Ueki is probably the best shounen-fighting series ever. I really enjoyed a good number of the different fights.

  • At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Chris said…

    Actually, Riho's power was to turn his fighting spirit into energy for one attack. Law of Ueki was full of fun and creative character powers. Love it!

  • At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agreed The Law of Ueki is a great anime! At first, my opinion is the anime do not look so good but after I watch it, I got addicted to it. Kept on thinking what is coming up next. If I have to give a rating I would give it a 4 out of 5(1 mark missing for the graphics=.=)

  • At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    :( i really hope that plus comes soon. However he hasn't made plus let alone any other manga in almost a whole year now. This makes me #ultrasad :(((((((((((((

  • At 5:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    this is a very nice anime. the only thing that leaves us to ponder is
    1. what was that person's power? (in the early few episodes where Sano told Ueki that he was going to another town then another power user turned up.
    2. what was Kilnorton's power?(what would be a good combination for invisible + living sacred treasures? )
    3. what was Sano's ultimate move?
    4. Why didn't Anon use Mr.Stop?

  • At 6:02 AM, Anonymous [ER] said…

    loved this series. few unrelated questions tho.
    1)you mentioned 'shounen' what is that anyway?
    2)since my time has a void after my 'ueki time' has finished, can anyone recommend what anime should i watch next? (preferrably a 'fighting each other with weird powers' comedy genre)

    thanks for helping out a newly-born anime freak :D

  • At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Kilnorton's power was never shown. But he has a talent for calculation w/c he uses to say exactly where to fire the sacred weapon combo.

    Anon did'nt use Mr. Stop because his real motive is not to make a path for himself, but to find someone stronger than him. What point is looking for that person when your holding him back?

    o yea, it was kinda funny when Hideyoshi got hit by ueki's kurogane. hha.

  • At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ACTUALLY, XD Afer I Wiki'd it, Rihou's ability to change his hair into a telescoping bat. I.. have no idea what kind of power that is, but it's true. XD

    And I LOVE the series of The Law of Ueki. It's so great. It's funny, and full of action, it makes you anticipate on what's going to happen next. I love all the characters. They are all very unique and have their own personality. XD And their powers are quite unusual, which I love the most.

  • At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's really funny! Especially went Hideyoshi got hit by Ueki's kurogane!

    Yeah, I kinda missed something from this Law of Ueki. And I guess that Kilnorton guy just only been designed to be the humorous character in this anime/manga. But still I wanna to know what kind of his power...

    And about Sano's special move...what on earth that Fukuchi Tsubasa's thinking? He didn't show us that!

    But still, I like it very much! Oh, by the way I've read a news from the other forum that TLoU Plus will be turned into anime in 2008 or 2009! All right!

    I can't wait to see it! :lol:

  • At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I thought Rihou's power was to turn sutras into grains of rice.
    The Law of Ueki is pretty cool. I learnt about it from my friend.Like others, it grew on me. The next thing I knew, I already finished it!

  • At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    omg, i LOVED this series i mean i honestly cant wait to see more, if they animate 'plus' id be so happy... i just want to see more from this series the story was simply amazing

  • At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think Sano's special move was using his spring and throwing boomerangs around it then using level 2 to megentise everything to make make a giant torando of metal :D


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