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Monday, May 01, 2006

School Rumble S2 4

Mai asks the class for suggestions on the play but they cannot make themselves as the main character and going to pool their suggestions for the play. Mai and Yuuki are going to look at the suggestions for the play while Tenma, Mikoto, Eri, and Arika are working on the cafe in the library. The first suggestion is to have a play with Yakumo and Hanai as lovers but Yakumo is really Harima. Hanai sitll doesn't mind to be love in Harima and have an romantic embrace. Mai and Yuuki are freaked out about it and moved on to the next one. This one has Karen and Mihara as ballet dancers who have an evil teacher with Mikoto as the premier dancer. Karen and Mihara planned on sabotaging Mikoto by putting tacks in her shoes. Mai and Yuuki covered it up from Mikoto as she wanted how they were doing which they think that Sae wrote it. The next one has Eri in tattered clothes and goes into a ramen restarurant. She orders the cheapest thing on the menu which the cook wanted to get revenge on her for almost being evicted who was Harima in disguise again. Eri takes the suggestion and tells Mai and Yuuki that it's okay but in reality she wasn't. The next one was Mai's own suggestion which she's a magical girl but at the end of the day, they weren't able to make much progress. They see Arika reading a book which they think she's looked so cool and asks her to write the script. Arika and Eri talked in a cafe which Eri tries to get her to write the script. Arika ends up accepting and sees a suggestion that describes Arika perfectly. Eri confronts Harima about the script which he doesn't know anything about since it was Arika who wrote it in the first place.

Tenma is going to help out Yakumo with Harima which she enlists the help of Eri in her plan who wasn't thrilled with it. Later that night, Eri asks Harima some questions in a form of a survey about the menu for the cafe. The first question was about if he likes girls who cook or not which Mikoto face faulted at. Harima tells her that along there's love in it that he doesn't mind if it's cup noodles. The next question is does he prefer girls good at sports or bad at them which he says that he doesn't mind that at all even though he thinks a girl who can't swim is cute. The final question asked is what hairstyle he likes on a girl which he thinks that Tenma is asking for preferences which he says that he likes a girl with hair tied on both sides. This preference backfires as Eri and Yakumo both have the same hairstyle as Tenma. The head perv tells everyone that they are going to a bathhouse which belongs to a family of their classmates named Yagumi. All the guys are afraid to get naked in front of her but she doesn't really cared or look. In the guys bath, everyone looks a person who had long blonde hair and thought the person was a girl but it was really Yoshidayama. Yuuki and Mai asks Eri if she's going out with Harima while Harima is having a crazed dream with Tenma and touches Yoshidayama in reality. He beats him up as Mai says that Eri and Harima are perfect for each other until Harima screams out that he hates blonde girls with hair tied to both sides.

After going to the bathhouse, the students returned back to the school which they were getting hungry. So someone suggested that the girls make onigari while Yoshidayama shows Naru his sumo wear for their event. Tenma comes out with onigari which it's on seperate plates and that the guys have to guess which girl made it. Hanai managed to guess which one Yuuki made while Harima tries an onigari that maybe belong to Tenma but it taste horrible. He gives a thumbs up at Tenma's direction which she gives it even though she seemed had no clue what he's trying to say. He tries to get rid of the bad taste by having another onigari but that one was much worse than the previous one. He thinks that Tenma isn't the worst cook out there as Eri gives Harima the ones he had previously. He eats them all to be nice while Tenma gives him the ones he had after tasting Eri's. Harima had to eat all of them which probably kill off his stomach and taste buds. Mikoto thanks Hanai for his hard work and notice that he's back in high spirits. He says that the thing between Yakumo and Harima is a big misunderstanding and asks her if there's someone special out there which she says that it's none of his business.

This episode was funny with the crazy suggestions for the play and got a little bit serious with the relationships between the characters. You got Eri who's beginning to warm up with Harima especially he describe her while describing his preferences of a girl. Harima loves Tenma but she doesn't have a clue about and thinks that Harima likes Yakumo and/or Eri at times. Hanai loves Yakumo but she doesn't really care about guys and devoted to her sister. Then you Mikoto who likes Hanai but he doesn't see it and that the thought of it kinda of scares her. You really need a chart that interconnects everyone on who likes who and such. There's no one relationship where both people know that they like each other and should be together. The next episode is finally the cultural festival and it's about time too.


  • At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mikoto does NOT like Hanai.
    Even in the last chapter (180 or something like that), they are still only friends.

  • At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    In the manga, Mikoto seems to be moving towards Asou. But if you take just the anime, episode 4 seems to hint towards a Hanai/Mikoto relationship. (For example, by leaving out the 'still Yakumo obssessed' aftermath of the 'let's see who finds a lover first' scene. Furthermore, we see Mikoto looking jealous when Hanai is eating Yuuki's riceball.)

  • At 2:09 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I haven't read the manga so I'm basing these relationships on the anime.


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