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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

School Rumble S2 5

It's the first day of the cultural festival which is also Karasuma's birthday. Tenma and the others are going to have a surprise party for him which she made a cake for him. Goriyama goes into class 2-c's cafe which is like a hostess cafe. Saeko gets assigned to him who gives him some coffee and manages to subdue him. Tenma is the only girl who hasn't been requested yet as she doubts if she's cute as the other girls tell her it's ok. Then she talks to Little Mama (aka Arika) who tells her that she herself was once like her which raises her spirit. The cafe was doing well at first until the Tea Club Cafe took all the business way with their cosplaying. They had Nara to go scout but he didn't return which Hanai decides to go there to scout. He falls into the trap as Yakumo gets him into playing detective with her as his partner. Tenma gets requested by children by pretending to be Dojibiron Pink.

Harima acts out an episode of the Three Slashed with the school nurse being a slave girl who then betray him. He was forced to wash dishes since he couldn't pay for the cafe while thinking that he should be receiving the result of the Jingama Rookie Prize. Yakumo was being hit by a guy which she was saved by a nun who gives her a package. Imouto tells Harima that sensei is waiting in the back which it was Yakumo dressed as a manga author. Harima tells her that he hasn't been drawing lately since his fire has been burnted out and asks her how she can continue drawing. She says that she wants to see people around her happy and tells him not give up. Then Hanai shows up asking Yakumo to return his glasses along with playing detective again. Yoshidayama ends up winning the Swimsuit Sumo Contest.

Harima gets a call from his agent saying that Nakamura is accepting Harima's award for best rookie. He calls Imouto about receiving the award while the 2-C cafe is depressed that the Tea Club stole all their business. Hanai tries to raise their spirits but doesn't work until the girls came back. Tenma notices that Yakumo is making a cake for Harima for receiving the award which she takes both of them. She places one of the cakes on a desk in the hallway which Harima accidently knocks over. He sees MA on the cake and thinks that the cake is his and fixes it up. Later on, they celebrate Karasuma's birthday which Tenma was about to reveal the cake. Harima decides to destroy the cake since he thought it was his but it wasn't as it was Yoshidayama's cake. Tenma shows his real cake which the cake that he ruined earlier was actually Karasuma's cake. She goes to get his cake which she finds out that the cake has Harima's name on it. Tenma cuts up most of the cake so that only the MA part is shown and makes up a lie that she loves cakes so much. Later that night, Tenma is crying about destroying Karasuma's cake when he suddenly appears. She showed him a picture of him showing some factual expression which he thanks her for today and walked home together.

Rewinding a little bit, a couple of kids named Mio and Shuuji were trying to find their older brothers in the fair. She mentions to him that he wants to find a person named Tsukamoto which he runs off afterwards. She walks around the school thinking that Tsukamoto is very mature and grown-up when Mikoto calls out her name which she sees Tenma in a mask. Mio thinks that Tenma is the person that Shuuji likes and decides to go home but falls down some stairs and rips part of her shirt. Hanai questions her which scares her as Yakumo gets him away from her pretty quickly. Yakumo fixes up Mio's shirt as she asks her about how to deal with Shuuji which she tells her to smile all the time. Later that day, Mio and Shuuji managed to find each other as he was worried about her which they walked home together. Shuuji's brother is Harima while Mio's brother is Harima's rival, Tennouji.

It's finally the start of the cultural festival which focused on the cafes. Class 2-C got their inspiriation from the water trade while Tea Club got their idea from cosplay. Harima wins the Rookie award as Yakumo makes a cake for him which it causes trouble later on in the episode. Tenma and Karasuma are becoming more like a couple. The only funny part was when Arika was being Mama. That was great. The next episode is the play part of the cultural festival which it's going to be some messed up thing.


  • At 2:38 AM, Anonymous tj han said…

    I really pitied Tenma. Her sincerity was touching yet nothing just went right for her. Karasuma may just be the right man for her.

    Hey Phoenix, mind adding me to your blogroll?

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I did remember putting you on my blogroll but I forgot a stupid quotation mark which made it didn't appear. Problem has been corrected.

  • At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    School Rumble is out of 26 episodes like the first season.


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