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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

xxxHolic 1

Manga Chapters 1-2

A high-school student walks along a street and suddenly begins running away from a bunch of spirits that pinned him down on the ground but everyone else thinks there's nothing on him. He touches a fence which makes the spirits disappear and looks at the house behind the fence. Suddenly, an unknown force drags him into yard which two girls welcome him as a customer. He tries to run away but he couldn't as the girls and the unknown force drags him into the house where he meets a mysterious woman. He tries to leave the house but she tells him to take an item in his pocket which he gives her a watch. She asks for his name which he says Watanuki Kimihiro which Watanuki is spelled like April 1st which is his birthday as well. She couldn't believe that he gave out his real name and birthday to a complete stranger as she can take his soul and giving a view of his entire life. The woman tells Watanuki that her name is Ichihara Yuuko but it's a fake name. She introduces the girls as Marudashi and Morodashi or Maru and Moro for short. He asks for his watch but Yukko wouldn't allow him to leave yet. Maru and Moro bring out a bowl with water in it which Yuuko places an object in it. She tells him that he can see spirits because of his blood calls out to them even though he never said anything about seeing spirits. She's going to keep the watch as compension even though he didn't get anything in return. Watankui asks what type of place is this which she says that it's a shop that can make wishes come true for a price which can include the person's soul. Watankui thought that she would take a person's life but she wouldn't take it because it's not worth the price on her life. She takes something important to the person of equal value as compensation for making the wish coming true. He says that he doesn't have anything to wish for but she knows that he wants to get rid of the ability to see spirits which he ends asking her to do it. She accepts the wish which in return, he has to work at the shop. His first official act is to get Yuuko's drinking buddy from the treasure room for his welcoming party. He finds her drinking buddy in the room which is a black stuffed animal who has been sleeping for three years. The stuffed animal is called Mokona and Yuuko has Watankui take him to do some shopping for the party.

Everyone is looking at Mokona in Watankui's bag which is annoyed and embarrassed by him who throws up in the bag because he was rolling around in the bag. They were at the supermarket when Watankui sees a spirit nearby who follows him around. While walking back home, he overheards some high-school girls talking which one of them hears and sees spirits as well. She says that they caused her some pain and suddenly goes down on the ground saying that a spirit suddenly attacked her. Watankui talks to the girl saying that the spirits aren't going to hurt her which she says what he knows. She mentions that she's in pain and afraid and thinks that he doesn't understand her pain. The spirit from earlier surrounds Watankui as Mokona runs off to a takoyaki shop. He bumps into the girl which the spirit goes from him to the girl and surrounds her like it did to him earlier. Watankui and Mokona returned home which Yuuko knew that the spirit would transfer to another person. He didn't want the spirits to transfer to other people which Yuuko says that some people wished for them while others don't. He's sadden about people wishing for spirits to come to them as Yuuko says people are free to choose even though the choice makes them unhappy. He begins to leave the shop as she says that the bond between them can't be broken and that every event in his life has meaning. He ends up coming back to Yuuko's shop to return her money.

xxxHolic is based on the manga from the same name from CLAMP. The episode did a good job setting up the story and the main characters but it half of it was based on the manga. After Watankui became Yuuko's personal servant, the manga and the anime went on a different path. It introduced the black Monoka earlier than it should along with the whole encounter with the spirit-seeing girl wasn't in the manga at all. Also when Yuuko was reading Watankui earlier, she mention his family heritage in the manga but not in the anime. The spirit-seeing girl story gives a good example on how the stories in xxxHolic play out. I really hoped that the series will have the characters from Tsubasa as well since they are so interconnected to each other. I like the animation and the music is good. The OP and ED really go with the series which the ED reminds me of the ED song from ROD TV. The next episode introduces Watankui's love interest along with a girl with a ring that has smoke coming out of it.


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