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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yakitate Japan 58

Manga Chapters 138-140

Kawachi tries to tell Azuma the error of his ways but he knew this would happen as he remembered the Newcomers' battle. Kawachi returned back to the audience as he tried to make Kaname scared of them even though he has no idea what Azuma and Kanmuri are doing. Kaname tells him that his team has ultimate breadmaking skills and explains it through Gou's Flame Arm which is better than the Solar Hands. Gou spreads some cornflakes on the dough which doesn't absorb oil and makes it more flagent and crisper. They made got the cornflakes from the Saito corn which Kawachi doubts his own teammates abilities. A helicopter that Kaname has sent flies overhead as Gou finishes with the bread. Kuro-yan takes a bite of the bread but nothing has happened yet until a tapir appears behind Kawachi and stole Kaname's glasses. Kuro-yan sits on the Malay tapir which sounds similar to curry bread in Japanese which the tapir was flown in from another prefecture. Azuma and Kanmuri are done with their bread which looks like a cup.

Azuma carves a pair of eyes and mouth into the bread to make look like a haniwa. Team CMAP believes that Azuma couldn't win with taste so they resorted to the haniwa to get some points. Azuma has Kuro-yan eat the bread in a certain way so the mango juice won't spill all over. Both Kuro-yan and the tapir taste the bread together which they appeared not to move at all. Then Kuro-yan made the haniwa pose along with the eyes of one which also infected the tapir. Suddenly, a doctor and his dog during the Monaco Cup made an appearance to check on Kuro-yan's health. The doctor says that he's alive and able to hear the voice of the heart which he says that Pantasia is the victor. Team CMAP wouldn't accept the judgment since it came out from some doctor. The doctor is going to explain the reason behind the victory from Kuro-yan's voice of the heart. The reason for adding the juice to the dough was to make a bread with a new consistency. Since the yeast is still in the dough, the liquidified dough would make a bread with the softness of a pancake and the crispiness of tempura when baked in a container. The doctor even said if Kawachi would used this techinque in the Newcomer's battle that he would have won. The main thing that won the battle was love since Azuma took the time to shape it into a haniwa. Team CMAP ate the samples of Azuma's bread from the tapir which all of them turned into haniwas as well. Azuma said that he didn't have a grudge against Team CMAP but Kanmuri believes that they will regained their love and kindness they once had.

Once again, Azuma and Kanmuri have gotten victory over Team CMAP with the power of love. Kawachi has become so useless during this arc that the others won't even explain to him about the reasons for making their bread. The differences in the manga this time was that there were scenes where Kuro-yan made a call to have the tapir flown in along with scenes of Kanmuri and Azuma cooking the bread itself. The vet and his dog wasn't in the original manga as a regular doctor managed to hear his heart saying that Pantasia won. For the rest of the explaination, Takumi did it as he became a commentor for the Yakitate 25. He added a part where Kanmuri used salt crystals to solve the first problem with the mango juice and explain everything else along with Kanmuri adding his parts in (including the part where Kawachi could have won the Newcomer's battle with Azuma's techinque). The next episode is a one hour special with Team Pantasia facing off against a familar pair of ninjas.


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