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Friday, May 05, 2006

Yakitate Japan 59-60

Manga Chapters 142-148

It's the fourth round of the Yakitate 9 which this time two ninjas are going to the opponents for Team Pantasia. The male ninja selects the panel with a couple of ninja stars which they land on panel 8. The city is Oomagari which has many things that are bent like houses. Oomagari doesn't have any specialty products which they had to go to Oota for their specialty product. Kawachi thinks that they have already won since the ninjas wouldn't ever think to go here but he was proven wrong as usual when they show up ahead of them. He gets annoyed by their masks and decides to remove them in a craze rush. The male ninja pulls out a bent spring onion and uses it as a shuriken against Kawachi. The next thing that Kawachi knows that he's in a costume like Naruto and fighting against the male ninja who tells him about the bent spring onion. The male ninja uses the fried spring onion technique on Kawachi and mentions that the onion is very soft and has exquisite sweetness. Kawachi remembers the other members of Pantasia as he fights against many spring onions at once which he gets beat up by them before the male ninja kicked him hard to the ground. He explains that due to the softness of the onion, it can't grow straight up. So the farmers replanted them by laying them in the soil so they can grow again. Back to reality, Kawachi eats the onion which he enjoys until he notices that the male ninja is Subawara.

Suwabara tries to get Team Pantasia to believe that he isn't the Subawara that they know but his twin brother, Gai. Kawachi doesn't believe while Kanmuri and Azuma greet Subawara as he says that they won't have anything to hold back. Subawara and the female ninja both leave which afterwards, Kawachi asks them if they really believe that wasn't Suwabara Kai which Kanmuri says that they don't. Kawachi doesn't understand why Kanmuri didn't ask the reason for the disguise which he counters that Subawara wants to fight against the strongest people in the world. Kawachi thinks that Subawara is a traitor but Azuma says that he has something so worth while that he throws away his friendship for it. He furthers goes on saying that he couldn't understand why Kawachi wanted to beat him in the Newcomer's battle but over time, he understand that fighting strong opponents allows him to come closer to finding the true Japan. Azuma and Kanmuri say to Kawachi that they need to not hold back against Subawara and Monica or it would injured his pride. Subawara remembers the time after the Monaco Cup which he talks to his master about being a declarion. The master suggest that he should have a match against Azuma which isn't possible since they would be on the same side. Then he suggests that they should have a sparring match at exactly 6 in the morning which he accepts. The next morning, Subawara waits for his master to show up when he gets hit in the head with a wooden sword which they fight it out. Subawara ends up winning the match as the master tells him that he must give everything he got to excel in life with the resolve to die if necessary. If Subawara doesn't win against Azuma,, he's going to commit suicide which Monica overhears. She tries to get him not to do it but he brings some excuse that all Japanese men do it (not quite). Team Pantasia planned their stragety in a run-down bent hotel which Azuma suggests that they should put the onion in raw while Subawara has the same idea. The idea for the raw onion is that it won't lose its original sweetness but it would normally cause unmixing along with a long knead time. To counter this effect, he's going to add egg yolk to it which Azuma thought of the same thing. The idea of the egg yolk is to keep the bread from getting heavy. Kawachi thinks that they would be able to win against Subawara but Azuma feels something is missing. Subawara has an idea that would beat Azuma's Japan with his Spring Onion Spiral Lupan.

It's the next day which Azuma is depressed that he can't think of a way to improve their design. Team Pantasia was about to leave when Kanmuri asks Kawachi to close the door which he does. The door closing causes the entire hotel crumbling down which gives Azuma an idea for the bread. The match is starting which Kawachi takes his position in the audience to talk to the Manager and Tsukino. The Manager asks what power that Kawachi gave to the effort which he just ignores the question and talks about Subawara and Monica. Kawachi once again thinks they would win but the Manager says that Azuma could lose the battle since Subawara is winning to throw everything away. Subawara kneads the bread in a tourner which is a legendary twisting dough techinque. This techinque would allow the bread to ferment during the baking process which would expand in the oven but the slightest mistake would explode the bread. Meanwhile, Azuma is folding over his dough like a fondue which it has a similar effect to the tourner but Subawara chose the tourner over the fondue since it can expand a little bit more. Monica convinces Subawara that he should focus on his own bread instead of worrying about Azuma. He finishes with his Spring Onion Spiral Lupan and presents it to Kuro-yan.

Kuro-yan tastes Subawara's Lupan which causes his entire body to twist. Suwabara calls him a monster which he threatens to reveal his identity since he's able to tell it was him from the bread. Azuma shows up with his Oomagari Japan but before Kuro-yan could eat it, Subawara stole the bread. He knows that he lost since Azuma did a double fondue. Also, he refuses to allow Kuro-yan to eat the bread since it would kill him. Subawara runs off with the bread with Kuro-yan trying to stop him since he wanted to taste the bread. He even feeds it to some people which causes their bodies to twist even though they don't have the ability to do complex reactions. Monica tells Azuma and the others about Suwabara going to kill himself which Kuro-yan is going to track him by the scent of Azuma's bread. They find Subawara in the middle of a river and was about to kill himself when Monica and the others called out to him. The Manager tells him to die as his attitude was the reason for losing to Azuma. He lost to Azuma because he's a responsible person compared to himself. The Manager brings up that Monica is pregnant which shocks everyone including Monica. She plays along with the Manager's lie which convinces him to not to kill himself. He and Monica both leave while Kuro-yan doesn't get his bread as the Manager wasn't sure if it's a lie himself. Subawara asks Monica how long she knew which she said a week which was a lie. He mentions that his father left him to master the way of the sword which he work in a bakery to make ends meet and decides to train again so his child would be proud of him. Subawara is surprised that he got Monica pregnant by just hugging.

This one hour special show the reason why Subawara isn't a part of Team Pantasia in the Yakitate 9 as he wanted to defeat Azuma with everything he has. Kawachi has become more useless by the episode along with Kuro-yan being a bread zombie that he would die to have a taste of Azuma's bread. There are quite some differences in the manga compared to the anime. First off, there's a chapter that they skipped before starting with the ninjas which has Azuma's family visiting him along with Team Pantasia trying to do something with the flour that his grandfather sent over for them to eat. The next difference has Team Pantasia talking about the program having an impact with their families. Kanmuri hints something about how he feels about his family which will be come into play soon. They talked about Subawara's absence for a bit before discussing strategy for the next round (the rules of the Yakitate 25 are different compared to Yakitate 9.) Kuro-yan yells at Team Pantasia for talking during the recording while afterwards, Team Pantasia meets up with the ninjas in the hallway which they ran away along with the revealtions of their true identity and purpose. There's a scene of the ninjas talking about the specialty products which one of the products called mulukhiya isn't really bent. Subawara talks about the bent onion during their trip to Oota not during the Naruto sequence (which didn't happen in the anime.) When Team Pantasia meets with the ninjas again, Kawachi tries to unmask them which they tried to run away. He depants Monica during the attempt which Subawara got extremely angry at him and blew his identity at that point. When Monica found out about Subawara going to kill himself if he lost, she thought that ritual suicide was gone from modern Japan along with inability to understand other cultures. It's funny how Subawara and Monica can be stupid common sense wise which is the cost of genius breadmaking. The next episode has a bunch of gangsters that are related to Kanmuri in some way.


  • At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "and decides to train again so his child would be proud of him. Subawara is surprised that he got Monica pregnant by just hugging."

    ... Oh, Suwabara....... and the Manager coming up with this lie!? My goodness. I want to watch this episode just to see his reaction there, actually. Thanks for the summary :D

  • At 11:42 PM, Blogger Kunoichi Terminator said…

    Who is the red female ninja?


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