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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Aria the Natural 4

Akari wakes up from a nap via President Aria who notices that the mailman was waiting for her. He asks her if he could borrow her and her gondola for tomorrow because his gondola has a leak in it. She has to ask Alicia first before she could accept his request. Alicia can't really do it since she has customers all day and that Akari can't do it since she needs an instructor in order to ride with customers. Alicia tries to get the mailman to swap with someone else and take a day off but wants to do his job which she then suggests that the mailman could be the instructor so that Akari could do it. The next day, Akari goes to Cannaregio Post Office to pick up the old mailman which she doesn't know his name when asking a fellow mailman about him. He takes her inside of the office and directs her to the old mailman. President Aria gets to wear a mailman hat which he's just excited to wear. Then they do some morning exercises before heading off to collect and deliver mail. They stop at a mailbox which the mailman uses a long stick and hook to get the bag and put it back in the mailbox which is on a bridge. Then he has Akari to try it since she was impressed by his skill with it. She has some difficulty with the bag and almost dumps the bag into the water if the mailman and President Aria wasn't there to make a great save on it. Akari puts back the bag into the mailbox without any incident.

Then Akari, President Aria, and the mailman has some lunch before going out again. President Aria encounters a boy with a letter who was startled by the cat. The boy wants the letter to be delivery today but the mailman said that they can't deliver it until tomorrow. The letter has to be sent today because his teacher's wedding has started. The letter contains congraduations along with an apology for not joining the chorus and saying "I'll be glad when you're gone" at the farewell party. Akari and the mailman decided to head to the wedding so they can deliver the letter to the teacher. It's the end of the wedding which Akira and Aika are going to be the ones rowing the gondula. The mailman gives the letter to the teacher which he confesses his true feelings to her and thanks him for the letter. He gives Sora his hat which he thanks him for delievering the letter. The teacher talks to Akira about the letter which she wonders if he was a good teacher to her which Aika said she is. Then Akari rows next to the teacher's gondula as she thanks him for the letter and is going to write back to him as he congraduates her for the marriage. Akari drops off Sora before they continue to deliever the mail. Akari notices that they are many mailboxes which people of the city like the letters so much that it forces you to slow down. Also, it's great to send and receive one which people can cherish a person's feelings in their hands. The next day, Akari receives a letter from the mailman which he thanks her for yesterday.

This episode shows the importance of hand-written letters in the city of Neo-Ventuzia as Akari spends her day helping an old mailman delievering letters. She realizes the importance of them through a boy named Sora who wanted to apologize and congraduate his teacher which his feelings was expressed in the letter so nicely. The mailman does explain some things about hand-written letters like it forces to take the time to gather your thoughts and slow down compared to email and other forms of high-speed communication today. There wasn't much interaction with the other main characters but that's ok though. It was a good episode. The next episode's title is The Wonder of that Rainy Day... and The Things Found On That Spring Day...


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