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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 13

The episode with one of Emma's candles has almost completely melted. Tsugumi receives another vision of Emma visiting a bookstore which the owner had a parrot and was picking out a book. Hajime manages to snap Tsugumi out of her vision which she was embarrassed by the fact that the bookstore had adult magazines in it. She throws her bowl at Hajime because of it. He goes off to look for the bookstore which the only clues she had was that the owner had a parrot and was next to an old tea shop. Meanwhile in Hell, Emma's helpers were wondering what Emma was doing earlier which the female helper says that they will get Hajime eventually. He finds the bookstore that Tsugumi managed to describe and asks the owner about Hell Correspondance. He gets no answer from him at first until a parrot flies over Hajime's head and lands on the owner's glasses. The parrot mentions that they have no book concerning Hell Correspondance and ask for what genre it could be in. Then he mentions if they have seen a girl come in here today which they said that a beautiful girl came in here and read a particular book. Hajime finds the book that Emma was reading which had a story called the Imprisoned Girl. The story is similar to Hell Correspondance which was written over 50 years ago. He goes back to the bookstore and gets information on the author of the story from the owner who mentions that the publisher is still alive today. Hajime visits the publisher of the story later that night. The publisher says the author of the story was named Fukumoto who usually drawings for the magazine that the story was published in. He gives Hajime the original draft which has a picture of Fukumoto along with the main author named Okochi who died shortly before Fukumoto gave the draft to the publisher. The story and drawings really didn't fit with the style of the magazine which the picture in the final version wasn't the original. The publisher shows Hajime the original picture which was a picture of Emma.

The story of the Imprisoned Girl is about an artist who had a beautiful wife who did something to her one day which resulted in a suicide. The artist develops a great need to kill in the story. The publisher mentions that Fukomoto's wife commited suicide as well which Okochi died shortly after with no reason. Hajime notices that the two stories are rather similar and asks for Fukomoto's address which is 50 years old. He goes to the address given which is an old apartment complex in an abandoned town. After repeatly knocking on the door, he decides to slide in the picture of Emma which he finally agrees to meet Hajime. Fukomoto doesn't have much time left as Hajime says that his story is based on his experiences and tells him about Hell Correspondance and wants to stop it. Fukomoto says that Hell Correspondance existed as a classified ad 50 years ago. Okochi was the one who told him about it which if you sent a letter to it that your revenge will be granted but you can only see it if you wished for revenge. One day, he sees Okochi killing his wife and then saw the ad for Hell Correspondance. He made the contract with Emma on that day and took revenge on Okochi. After doing the revenge, he followed religion, did gambling and volunteer work throughout his life but none of that made him feel better. Fukomoto says Hajime his drawings and paintings of Emma as he wants to see her again. Hajime says that Emma ruined his life but it was Okochi which he couldn't take revenge on him by himself. Fukomoto says that Emma has been around since the Azuchi Momoyama (1568-1600) and wrote the story because of her will. He was painting a giant version of Emma when it suddenly cried for him. He died a moment later and sees Emma once again on the ferry to Hell. He wonders if he's going to see Okochi in Hell which Emma says that Hell is a big place.

This episode didn't really have a modern day revenge but one from 50 years ago. Hajime learns a lot about Emma and Hell Correspondance being dated back to the 16th century. It seems that Emma wanted Hajime to learn more about her through Fukomoto's story. Is she just now beginning to doubt her job after doing this for hundreds of years now or she has some plan in making to get rid of Hajime? Even her helpers have noticed his presence and even wonders what her plan is to deal with him. The next episode has Kirino Saki getting revenge on a man who commited a wrong on her father along with the continued presense of Tsugumi and Hajime into the mix.


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