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Friday, June 09, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 14

Tsugumi is at school when she receives another vision of Emma which this time she sees flashes of a person hang himself to death along with some other people. Hajime gets the details of Tsugumi's vision which it has to deal with her next victim of revenge. He pulls out a magazine article which is directly related to the vision. The guy who committed the suicide hanging was named Kirino who had a daughter which the mayor of his hometown had some bad rumors surrounding him and his son. Meanwhile, Kirino's daughter confronts the mayor about turning himself in to the police but they refused to comply with her request. She remembers looking at photos of the mayor with various people that her father took immediately and left the house afterwards. She ends up identifying her father's body in the police station and asks the examiner if there was an envelope with him which there wasn't. At the funeral, she confronts the mayor about the photos which shocks both him and his son and wants them to leave which they do. She tries to have the police investigate the matter but they do nothing since there's no evidence and thinks she wants money from him. At her home, she receives nasty insults on her door and already made the deal for revenge. Hajime shows up at her home which she tells him her story. He mentions that he spoke to the locals about the mayor which they didn't say anything bad about him as he cares about the community and gives money to retirement homes. The locals even throw stones at her as her hatred for the mayor makes her unpopular. Hajime notices the doll which he promises to investigate the matter in order to stop her to go through the revenge.

Hajime talks to the mayor's son about the matter which he insists that the mayor has done no wrong. Then the mayor talks to Hajime as they go through a retirement home which he has respect for them because his grandmother raised him when he was young. He saved the retirement home after the owner died which Kirino tried to bribe him during the protests so he could send his daughter to college. The mayor thinks that Kirino didn't commit suicide which someone else help him out. Hajime calls the girl about what he found out and pleas with her to stop the revenge eventhough he hasn't found the cause of death yet. The girl talks to the mayor's son at some restaruant who gives a bribe to keep quiet about the matter as it would destroy the city. His attempt failed as she runs out which Emma's helpers were watching. Hajime promises the mayor that he won't write about the matter if he apologizes to her while she remembers her time with her father telling her to work hard. The mayor's son tries to convince the mayor that Hajime will just betray him later on. She talks to a bank official about a savings account that her father had opened in her name which she cried over it. Hajime calls her which he's going to bring the mayor to her but she wants go through the revenge because she only cares about her father. The mayor's son comes out and tells Hajime that the mayor has disappeared. The mayor is on the ferry to hell which he regrets that he couldn't apologize to her. Tsugumi and Hajime were listening to the news that the mayor hasn't been found for a week which she was glad about it but he wasn't at all. After the mayor was gone, the retirement home was forced to close which the girl didn't mind at all.

This episode was a case of misdirected revenge as the girl should have focused her revenge on the mayor's son instead of the mayor himself. The son wanted to protect his father from bad influences such as Kirino. The girl shouldn't taken revenge on the mayor as he was a good man overall but her love for her father made her heart cold towards the well-being of others. Once again, Hajime came so close to stopping a revenge but couldn't close the deal at the end. The next episode has Minato Mina takes revenge on a woman for stops her from leaving an island which Hajime will try once again to stop Emma Ai from taking revenge.


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