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Monday, June 12, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 15

Hajime and Tsugumi arrived at an island with a monkey face cliff formation called the Isolated Island of Destiny which they meet a local with a broken left arm on the boat ride there. The local tells them that only fishermen and divers come here but not tourists. An older woman was polishing an inn sign when she asks a girl named Mina where she's going. The girl looks at the older woman and sees an image of her wiping off some blood before walking away. She goes to the docks which Emma and her helpers were wondering who's the person she's been waiting for everyday. The boat with Tsugumi and Hajime arrives at the island which Mina meets up with the man with the broken arm whose name is Yuuji. The older woman was spying on them as Tsugumi managed to identity the person who she saw in her vision. Hajime and Tsugumi were trying to get information on Mina from the locals but with no success at all. They stopped by a cafe which they get some information on Mina from the owner by showcasing his place in a magazine. Mina is the niece of the hostess named Fujie which her mother died 15 years ago by drowning herself in the ocean. Mina's mother left the island with a man and had her but the man left her and returned to the island. Fujie was happy that Mina's mother came back to the island but before the owner could tell more information, one of Emma's helpers created an illusion of an eye on Hajime. The owner tells them to leave the place and never to come back. Fujie talks to Mina's mother as she doesn't want Mina to experience the same thing that happen to her and asks her what to do. Hajime talks to Mina's principal who said that Mina had to quit high school because of the inn which he tried to convince her otherwise but couldn't. He thought that she quit because of the debt owed to her aunt but there was another reason for it. Fujie didn't like Mina going out with Yuuji which he's employed by the government. She didn't like it because she's afraid that Mina will suffer the same fate as her mother. Yuuji's injury was caused by Fujie while he was diving which Mina saw the aftereffects on her. Mina shows Yuuji the doll while Hajime finds the room where Mina sent the request in for revenge.

Hajime talks to Fujie under the pretense that he wanted to talk about Mina's essay back in elementary school. He thinks that Fujie isn't a bad person and wants to talk to Mina right away. Tsugumi receives a vision of a waterfall and repeats what Emma is saying. Yuuji tries to stop Mina from doing the revenge while Hajime tries to reach them in time. Yuuji agrees to do it when Hajime shows up and asks them if they have pull the string yet which they haven't. He manages to stop them from getting revenge which they decided to elope instead which he doesn't agree with that idea. After Mina and Yuuji leave Hajime's company, he gets thrown off by Emma's helpers. Tsugumi sees Mina leaving the inn which she overheads Fujie and her mother talking in the shed and decides to investigate further. Mina sees Fujie talking to her mother's corpse which she kill her many years ago because she hated the island. Now Fujie is going to kill Mina in order to prevent her from leaving the island. Mina tries to pull the string but Fujie knocks it out of her hands with the axe. Fujie tries to kill her with the axe but Yuuji tries to stop her but with no success. Mina mentions to pull the string which Fujie disappears as Hajime asks why. Hajime and Tsugumi leave the island with another failed attempt to stop a revenge as Mina and Yuuji see them off.

The duo was unable to prevent another revenge even though they were initially successful in stopping it. The revenge only happen because Mina and Yuuji's lives were in danger by Fujie who was talking to one of Emma's helpers. It seems that now Emma and the Helpers are phyiscally trying to stop Hajime's efforts. Also it looks like that they have to go through the revenge by any means necessary. Even though they say that the string is the contract, it doesn't look like that way as just contacting Hell Correspondance is the binding signature for the revenge. The next episode is about a circus performer named Yumi who wants revenge on a male performer with more activity from Hajime.


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