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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 16

A girl sings in a darken room who has lots of scars on her as Emma Ai makes her appearance to her. Tsugumi wakes up as she sees Emma giving her the doll along with the conditions of the revenge. The next day, Hajime takes Tsugumi to the Happy Circus which was the only clue she got from the vision. She's rather happy to see the circus as Moku and Hone notice that Hajime has shown up again. Hajime looks for the girl who accessed Hell Correspondance as one girl who was being stabbed by swords in a box reappeared in the audience. She was climbing the stage when her right heel snapped and made her fall down but was alright. Hajime interviews the ringmaster trying to get some information as Moku talks to him about the circus and its members. It seems that many of the members have their reasons for revenge while Tsugumi receives another vision of Emma as she talks to Hone. Tsugumi makes her go into a box to prove that she's part of the circus as Hajime asks Moku about the girl who was stabbed earlier and agrees to allow him to meet her. A drunk woman talks to Hajime who thinks the Happy Circus is a bad name for it before being able to talk to the girl. He tries to convince her to stop the revenge which it scares her as she doesn't know what he was talking about. Moku shows up and forces Hajime to leave.

Tsugumi has Hajime look at a box before making her get into the car as Moku had to get Hone out of the box. The ringmaster leaves his trailer and heads into a dark room which contains the girl who requested revenge. He shines the flashlight at her and whips her because she screwed up in today's performance which Tsugumi saw it through Emma's eyes. Hajime remembers that the girl he saw earlier didn't have any scars on it but the other girl had scars. He goes back to the circus as he realizes that the key to the sword trick to have a twin in the audience. He finds the room where the beat up twin was which she was singing and discovers that she has already pulled the string. Hajime races off to the ringmaster as Tsugumi watches over the girl. He warns him that he's going to be sent to hell which he doesn't believe at all while Tsugumi sees Emma with the girl. In a flashback sequence, the twin girls have been together until one day where one girl was favored over the other with presents and treats. The favored girl sabotaged the other girl's efforts which the ringmaster locked her up in the darken room. As Hajime and the ringmaster fight each other, the favored twin was suck into the mirror. The girl sees a skeleton being skewtered by swords and forced to get on an unicycle as arms come towards her before she falls down to the ground. Then a bunch of skeletons with swords attack her before she is holding on a rope which a pool of lava is below here. The helpers tried to get her to apologize to her sister but she refuses as she realizes that she was the better one and had to sabotage her in order to gain favor. Emma ferries the girl to Hell as she's surrounded by swords. The next day, the circus is packing up as Yumi is now happy but will go to Hell in the end of her life.

The episode has another failed attempt by Hajime to stop a revenge but got the target wrong. You would think that the ringmaster was the one for the cause of her pain but in the flashback reveals that her twin sister is the true cause of her pain. The helpers are becoming more involved in their attempts to stop Hajime but still haven't figured out that Tsugumi is the source of their leak. I think that Emma knows about Tsugumi's visions but does nothing to interfere with her. Also, it was good to see the actual revenge since it hasn't been showcased for a few episodes now. The next episode is going to be rather interesting as Hajime and Tsugumi goes to a mental hositipal where Emma Ai could be residing. I hope we get the whole story of Emma Ai in this episode.


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