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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 17

A black and white scene starts the episode with a run-down room and chair rocking back and forth and a girl saying "Save me." The color returns as Hajime and Tsugumi are driving in a foggy forest as she hates the fog as she can't prepare for the worst. They hear a music box in the distance and suddenly stop the car to avoid hitting a person. Tsugumi channels Emma as she gives a warning to them not to come. They find a mental hositpal and entered it. They tried to find a person in the place but was unsuccessful as they walked around the place. The duo hears the music box again which they find the room with it as Tsugumi says this room is similar to the one in the vision. They were about to leave when a blonde girl enters the room. She introduces herself as Nina as Tsugumi and Hajime introduce themselves to her. They find out that she's only patient here along with doctors and nurses as a nurse walks by. Hajime decides to talk to the nurse and runs off. Nina asks Tsugumi why she's here which she makes up a lie that they're here to talk to the head doctor. Hajime loses sight of the nurse and enters a room with a doctor extracting some blood from a worm. Tsugumi admires Nina's beauty as she touches her hair as she touches Tsugumi for being so warm but Tsugumi notices that her hands are cold. Hajime returns as Nina mentions that the head doctor is out which Hajime doesn't know that she's talking about which he got a kick from Tsugumi. Nina asks them if they are staying for the night which they say that they have a hotel room in the city but the fog forces them to stay for the night. Hajime and Tsugumi believe that the girl is the one who requested revenge but there are no computers along with the fact that the place is rather strange. Tsugumi became upset as she wants to leave this place immediately. The helpers are spying on the duo as Wanyuudou thinks that Emma is supplying them information unconsciously. They don't even know what she's thinking with this request as she's meeting with Nina right now.

Emma tells her that she can't take revenge on her behalf and leaves as Hajime and Tsugumi walked past her room. He asks her if she met with Emma which she doesn't really answer and says that she has what she wants now. They go to the dining room to have some dinner which they are shocked by the food. Hajime gets some tea as Nina says that her father left her alone here and didn't know her mother. He asks Nina about Hell Correspondance which she did accessed it and wanted to take revenge on her father for making her all alone. She doesn't feel alone anymore as Tsugumi and Hajime are here and wants them to live with her here. She tells them that there's no head doctor here as she's the only one here and touches Tsugumi which scares her. Suddenly the lights all shattered which Hajime and Tsugumi run away from her. Hajime doesn't realize that Tsugumi was replaced by some vine doll which it was killed by Hone as they are ordered to save them even though he's a threat to them. Tsugumi finds Hajime in the forest but he was a vine doll as well which she fainted. Moku saves Tsugumi from being captured by Nina and the vine doll. Hajime finds the real Tsugumi in a church and takes her to the car. He gets the car started after some trouble but can't go anywhere because of the vines. Tsugumi was being choked by Nina while Hajime was being choked by vines when Emma appeared. She tries to stop Nina from killing them as she isn't Nina at all. The real Nina died a long time ago as the current Nina was just a doll. Tsugumi and Hajime wake up to see the hositpal worn down on the outside and inside. They hear the music box again and go to Nina's room which was the same scene as she saw in the vision. They find a doll that look like Nina which Hajime finds a picture of her and her owner. The doll carried the feelings of the real Nina which became dust after Tsugumi hold it.

I was wrong in the preview of episode 17 but there was some interesting things about Emma was revealed. I really think now that Emma is leaking information on purpose now as she warns Tsugumi and Hajime to go away along with ordering the helpers to save them from Nina. The helpers are getting more concerned with Emma and Hajime now which someone big is going to happen soon. This episode had more supernatural elements this time around with the doll making the illusions and such. It was a nice diversion from the regular revenges. The next episode has a girl named Kamikawa Miki wants to take revenge on a bitter woman which Hajime and Tsugumi will once again try to stop the revenge.


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