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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 18

A girl goes to a woman's home named Shimono who cooks her breakfast and says it's terrible. She throws the bowl in disgust as she will threaten to kill the girl's dogs named Yuki and Pinky if she doesn't do it again. At a supermarket, the girl is shopping for food a couple of people are gossiping about her. The girl is rather rich and is currently learning from Shimono which she cooks for her in exchange. Shimono used to be a schoolteacher who hated children and quit once she got her parents' inheritance. The girl's parents were fooled by Shimono's false pleasant face along with that they worked late and assumed that she will take good care of her. The girl returns to the house and finds Yuki dead as Shimono kill it because her schoolteacher showed up and thought that the girl talked about the arrangement which she didn't. The girl buries Yuki in her backyard as Shimono wants some tea. The girl asks Shimono if she can leave to go home which she tells her to study hard because she's supposed to be her private tutor. The girl named Kamikawa comes back home which she goes to her room and grabs Yuki's leach which she blames herself for letting go on that day. She decides to access Hell Correspondance in order to save Pinky from Yuki's fate. Kamikawa's mother comes home and asks about her father which she says that he's spending the night at some other place along with saying that she can't find Yuki and Pinky which the mother suggests giving up. The next day, Tsugumi was about to head to school when she has a vision of Emma which she gives the doll and conditions of the revenge to Kamikawa. Hajime asks Tsugumi for clues when she asks him why he has to stop the revenge which he just says of course. Hajime manages to find Shimono's house and takes a walk around it and sees her watering some plants. He asks a person in the Yamada store about her which she doesn't leave the house much and doesn't have any children. The person mentions that she went out with lots of guys but never got married. Hajime thought that Shimono had a daughter until a woman mentions about Kamikawa always visiting who walk her dogs a lot. Hajime sees Kamikawa entering the house as she gets yell at for suggesting of running away as she's being forced to pay for what the dogs did to her right leg.

It has been three days since Emma gave Kamikawa the doll and hasn't done anything with it. Hajime talks to an informant about Kamikawa which there hasn't been any mysterious death except for her dogs are missing. She doesn't have many friends which her dogs were very important to her which two weeks ago, the dogs went missing. Around at that same time, she started going to Shimono's house. Kamikawa gets slapped as Shimono blames her for Hajime's presense around her house. She thinks about pulling the string but she doesn't as she doesn't want to go to Hell. Shimono discovers that Pinky had three puppies. The next day, Kamikawa sees that Pinky is dead which she didn't have much time to mourn as Shimono demands her to cook her breakfast as she thinks that Kamikawa is planning to steal her inheritance. Kamikawa remembers the day when she tried a new route which she lost control of the dogs and went to Shimono's backyard and messed up her garden and leg. Kamikawa tries to plead with her but was unsuccessful and was forced to become her servant. She regrets for not pulling the string at the time. Meanwhile, Tsugumi gives Hajime a change of clothes and asks if Emma is doing something bad which he replies back taking a life under any conditions is just bad. She tells them that they are people out there who do worse things and don't care at all which he tells that this is different. He notices a police officer and a teacher at the Shimono which she immediately blames her for bringing them there. Hajime and the others immediately head into the house as Shimono blames them for trying to steal her inheritance. She kicks a piece of dirt which reveals some bones as she thought that Kamikawa saw the bones and use the dogs as blackmail to keep her silent. Hajime talks to Kamikawa and tries to take the doll away from her as she doesn't need it anymore until she sees the puppies drowned in Shimono's bathtub. Kamikawa decides to pull the string as she blames herself for not being able to stop the murders sooner. Shimono killed her parents for the inheritance which she will kill anyone and anything to hold on to it. A giant baby grabs the police car along with two police officers with dog heads tortured Shimono as part of the revenge. During the ferry, Shimono's reflection in the water was dog-faced. Kamikawa still regrets for not pulling the string earlier as Tsugumi and Hajime watched her.

This episode was truly sad as Kamikawa's dogs were killed by a bitter old woman who became paranoid of holding on to her inheritance that she killed her parents for it and willing to kill anyone and anything to hold on to it. The helpers didn't seem concerned with Hajime's interference this time around compared to the previous episodes. It look like that Kamikawa wasn't going to do it until the death of the puppies occured. Once again he came so close to stopping a revenge but foiled once again by fate. Tsugumi is beginning to doubt Hajime's quest on stopping Emma as she thinks that she provides a great service. The next episode has a girl named Ujiie Inori who wants revenge on an old woman who's making her unhappy which Hajime tries to stop another revenge from happening.


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