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Friday, June 23, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 19

An old woman named Fujiie praises Inori for being like a doll as she thinks why she didn't realize the situation she was getting into. Later that night, Inori was outside feeding the koi when Fujiie tells her that she shouldn't do any housework and leave it to the maids. Fujiie tells her to take a shower and as Inori gets undressed, she shows up and is disappointed in her for gaining weight. As punishment, she forces Inori into the bath a few times. Meanwhile, Emma's grandmother asks Emma that if the wind is picking up which she replies that it's lukewarm which it causes people to cry at night. Inori enters Fujiie's son's named Yukio room which she cried next to him as he tells her that his mother just wants her to be beautiful forever. She's been working on something for the upcoming doll exhibition which she destroys her current work for being too ugly. Inori asks Yukio if he wanted a massage earlier but he says that he doesn't want her to do that anymore. She wants to help out though which he tells her that she can make breakfast for him tomorrow. The next morning, Inori makes some breakfast but it was already made for him and is forced to eat Fujiie's custom made breakfast and told to sit straight just like a doll. Inori cries on Yukio as she's afraid of his mother. Fujiie was spying on them and forced Inori into a room to empty her heart. A bunch of workers asked Fujiie if they could clothe the doll she has made which she says no since the doll's eyes aren't dead yet. She wants a doll that filled with gloom and despair while Inori sent a request to Hell Correspondance as she wants to see everyone back at the orphanage. Tsugumi receives a vision of Inori as Emma visits Inori. She shows Inori the doll which scares her as Fujiie has been spying on her since she was a child. Everyone was happy for her being married into a rich household but it has become a nightmare for her. Emma explains the conditions of the revenge as usual as Hajime and Tsugumi found the house already.

Tsugumi and Hajime agrued once again about Hell Correspondance being good or bad as they see Inori and meet with her. Hajime talks to Inori about stopping the revenge as she doesn't mind going to Hell but doesn't want to depress the others. She explains that she want to explore the outside world while at the orphanage but she can't do that now as she's ordered to act like a doll. He suggests that she should talk to Fujiie about her problems but she can't and doesn't want to disappoint everyone at the orphanage. He asks her if he can do anything for her but before she could, Fujiie's maids showed up and take her away. Hajime is convinced that she won't pull the string for the sake of the others while Tsugumi says that she will experience great pain for now. Fujiie was working on a doll when one of her workers tells her about Inori which she dismissed them for tonight. She goes to Inori's room and asks her where she went which she said she went for a walk. Fujiie ties up Inori and take her to the bath to punish her. Emma shows up in Inori's room and asks her if she's going to pull the string which she yell out her complains about being a doll as Yukio asks what's wrong. Inori pulls the string which the revenge is granted. The dolls talk to her which they insult her age and her body is turning into a doll. She says that humans are simple and tramps as dolls means everything to her and controls them like a God. Fujiie is ferried to hell as she says that Emma is beautiful like a doll which she says that she will make all the dolls in Hell but the model is her dying self. Inori says that she will make Fujiie's portions as well to Yukio but he wants her to be a doll as well.

This episode didn't have the expected outcome that her life got better but she was trapped in the same nightmare as before. Yukio is like her mother that he wanted her to be like a doll, never moving and empty. She was better off leaving the family than committing the revenge. She got no reward for getting rid of Fujiie and going to Hell for it. There was lots of darkness in this episode which could have been the symbol for being no light at the end of the tunnel. The next episode has Gil de Ronfer who is from Hell who wants to see Emma and wants to fight her. This should be very interesting.


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