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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Karin 24 and Review

Karin is about a misfit vampire named Karin who produces blood and could walk in the daylight. She goes to school and has an everyday life except when someone is unhappy, her blood builds up and has a nosebleed if she can't transfer the blood to someone else. She has one friend in Tokitou Maki who doesn't know she's a vampire at all but has an ally in Usui Kenta who helps her to cover up her secret when she has a nosebleed. Her family are all normal vampires who look down on Karin for being a misfit vampire. Also, Karin has to deal with Winner Sinclair who's a vampire hunter that has a crush on Karin but doesn't realize that she's a vampire. The series first deals with the problems that Karin faces of being a vampire in the human world. Then towards the end, it shifts its focus to human and vampire coexistance as Usui and Karin try to become a couple as Karin's grandmother, Elda along with Winner's grandfather, Victor truly believe that humans and vampires can't coexist. The final episode has Karin undergoing some ritual to become full vampire while Usui and Winner try to save Karin from that fate while Victor is fully bent on killing Karin's entire family line. The ending gives a good resolution to the series along with good things happening to all of the characters in the series which gives its own great ironic twist at the end as well.

The characters are your typical characters with nothing special about them. There's no dynamic thing that makes them unique. Most of the characters were given backstories which does explain their current personalities but there was no special twist to them. The vampire theme is only special thing about the series but it does has its moments. Even though the characters are typical and almost have nothing special about them, it had its funny, sad, and romantic moments. The animation was really good except that the size of Karin's breasts kept getting bigger all the time and the music was just average.

Karin is a good romantic comedy with a side of the supernatural to make it different. The story is overall good but it would have been better if the characters had more unique traits about them. It's enjoyable to watch but it could have been a lot better. I give Karin a 3 out of 5.


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