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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 10

Tomari prepares for a trip while remembering a conversation that she had with Yasuna at the festival which they agreed to leave things as they are now. Hazumu invites Yasuna to go to Seaside Park with Tomari and Ayuki tomorrow which Asuta can't go because he has supplementary classes. Then he tries to get him to wait for him so he can go but Hazumu refuses because he wants to get a Shiruru keychain which it's more important than his friendship with Asuta. Yasuna sees Tomari which Hazumu asks her if she can go but she cannot since she has a training thing with the track team for five days. Hazumu tries to delay it but Tomari wouldn't allow him to do that. Ayuki shows saying that she can't go tomorrow either since she has stuff to do all day. Tomari runs off telling Hazumu and Yasuna to go to the park tomorrow by themselves which Yasuna catches up to her. She asks Tomari if it's alright for them to go to the park by themselves which she said it was ok because it will keep things at the status quo. Tomari leaves Yasuna which she wants them to get her something from the park tomorrow. Ayuki talks to Yasuna a moment later which Yasuna likes keeping the status quo as well. Hazumu's father prepares his camera so he can take pictures of Hazumu at the park but his mother forces him to work at the studio tomorrow and takes away his ticket to the park. Jan suddenly tackles Hazumu as she doesn't want to leave him as she has to go back to the spaceship with Sora. She wanted to be with Hazumu when the giant squid fight the giant whale tomorrow but she can't. Tomari is looking out a window while overheading her teammates talking about a romantic kiss which it brings the memories of the time when Yasuna kissed Hazumu in the classroom. Suddenly, her teammates suprised her which they questioned her about her boyfriend which she denies it to be Hazumu. The teammates mention that if they are in love with each other that they can't truly lovers. The next day, Hazumu and Yasuna go to the park which they managed to get the keychain and spend the day looking at various sealife (including the fight between the giant squid and whale.) They even saw sea fireflies which is a popular spot for couples. So Yasuna tries to fit with them but Hazumu says that he wanted the others to see this so it ruined the mood. Then they get items from the gift shot for everyone which Tomari was hard to pick out since she likes strange things. Yasuna suggests that they should go to Tomari's club outing to bring her gift.

Tomari gets a call from Hazumu at the train station which he tells her to pick them up at the station because they didn't want to get lost. She agrees to pick them up at the station while Hazumu calls his mother. A station employee tells Yasuna that a train will be passing soon which she should be careful crossing the tracks. She becomes disraught because she's uncomfortable with the employee since it's a guy. The employee tries to help her but he unknowingly makes things worse. Hazumu races to Yasuna's aid which he convinces the employee that things are going to ok that he's with her. They embrace each other which Tomari sees this and hides for a bit as the train passes them by. She makes an appearance moments later to not worry Hazumu anymore. Tomari tells them that there aren't anymore returning trains as her teammates eats her gift but they can stay with her for tonight. She mentions that she's happy that they decided to show up. Tomari enters the bath to see Hazumu in it already as he couldn't recognize her since her hair was down. He mentions that with her hair down that she looks like a beautiful lady as she asks if he had lots of fun today. He says that he did which the fireflies was the best part. During the night, Tomari slips out of the room and goes outside which Hazumu notices. He meets up with her which she wants him to come with her to the station. Yasuna notices that Hazumu has disappeared but he left a note where they are at. Hazumu and Tomari watched the fireflies at the station which Hazumu says that he had a great day. Tomari suddenly lets her hair down and says if she and Yasuna could become friends, then everything would be fine but she knows that Yasuna's feelings for Hazumu are love. Tomari kisses Hazumu as she doesn't want to give up on Hazumu yet but Yasuna is nearby and sees all of this. Yasuna thinks that Tomari is a liar for saying that she wanted to have things stay the same.

This episode has Tomari thinking that Yasuna betray their promise to have things stay the same between them but in reality, she had it completely wrong. Thinking that Yasuna had betray her, Tomari decided to make a move on Hazumu by kissing him which she makes the official move of betrayal which was based on a misunderstanding. Now Yasuna hates Tomari for betraying her promise to her. Poor Hazumu, he's the one who's caught into between them who didn't talk to each other about what they saw. The next episode has Yasuna and Tomari confronting each other about the recent events.


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