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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 9

Hazumu is remembering a time when he went to a festival as a child which he sees two lights. Suddenly, he was carried off by his mother crying as the rain poured down in the area along with Yasuna and Tomari running away from him. He wakes up from the dream with Jan sleeping on his breasts. At a restarurant, Hazumu is having a hard time deciding on getting something to drink which he suddenly passes out from Tomari and Yasuna forcing him to choose something. Tomari mentions that Hazumu has been indecesive since he was little while Ayuki mentions there's a festival at the Kashima Shrine tonight. Tomari is confident that she will win the tradition at the shrine which she must choose between one of two bowls which she wins that their dreams will come true. All of them are planning to go which Yasuna suggest that they should wear yukatas. The idea shocks Tomari and Hazumu as he mentions that his family probably doesn't have any yukatas but on second thought, he thinks they do. Asuta suddenly makes an appearance which he says that Hazumu would look good in anything as the others think he stalked them because nobody told him that they were meeting here. He runs away afterwards which Ayuki told them that he just randomly guessed that they were going to meet here and goes back to Tomari for her yukata. She says that she isn't going to wear one but Hazumu wanted her to be in one. Tomari suddenly decides to leave as Ayuki says to meet back at the torii at 5. She goes back to her house and asks her mother to buy a yukata which shocks her as Tomari has been a tomboy. She decides to get a yukata on her own while Ayuki chooses her yukata. Asuta is daydreaming about Hazumu in a yukata while Naomi daydreams about Sora spinning her very fast. Tomari was shopping for a yukata as Yasuna shows up to buy some straps. Hazumu and Jan are getting photographed by his father which soon gets kicked in the head by his mother for asking something perverted. Sora reads a book about how people fall in love during festivals behind a shrine and suggests Hazumu do the same with Tomari and Yasuna to follow in his footsteps. His parents mention how Hazumu cried during a festival when he was a child which he kept on saying "Cotton candy!" Yasuna helped out Tomari in getting a yukata as she had some spare yukatas. They talked about how they repay the favor for inviting each other to do stuff which they talked about how their hearts think alike. Tomari tells Yasuna to drop the -san when saying her name which agrees to do so.

Hazumu and Jan are excited when they arrived at the festival. Tomari and Yasuna once again are thinking on the same page as they noticed something wrong with Hazumu. While walking with Jan and Ayuki, Hazumu feels like he forgot something which they were supposed to meet with Asuta. He begins to daydream a romantic moment between him and Hazumu which results in him hugging a pole while the other pole is being hugged by Naomi. Tomari is having a hard time walking in a yukata which Hazumu thinks she's cute in it and runs off. She plays the goldfish game and won lots of goldfish. They eat and play the games at the festival. Then Jan asks Hazumu what the round thing was which he says it's cotton candy. Jan asks Hazumu which color he wants which he couldn't decide as Tomari and Yasuna give him more options for food to eat. He runs off and goes into a forest which he says that he wasn't unable to make a choice. Sora makes an appearance and asks him why Yasuna and Tomari aren't nearby which Hazumu explains to him that he doesn't know why cotton candy pains him so much. Sora uses his alien abilities to make Hazumu remember which when he was a child that he couldn't choose pink or white for cotton candy as it began to rain. His mother carried him away and says that one day he will regret his indecisiveness as he won't choose when the time comes. Sora disappears as Hazumu realizes that his indecisiveness will cost him one day with Yasuna and Tomari as they hear him from behind the bushes. They decided to get both pink and white cotton candy for Hazumu. Then during the tradition, Hazumu was able to choose a bowl bud didn't win. While watching the fireworks with Tomari and Yasuna, Hazumu wishes that he wants things to stay the same for a bit longer.

The episode shows off Hazumu's inability to decide things which he ends realizing that his indesiciveness will cost him Yasuna and Tomari one day. He knows that he will have to choose between them one day but for now, he wants to enjoy the time he has with them. Tomari and Yasuna are thinking alike with things dealing with Hazumu but I think there's a secret hatred between them. The next episode has Yasuna and Tomari doing things with Hazumu by themselves.


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