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Thursday, June 29, 2006

School Rumble S2 6

Harima is a knight who's about to go to a tower to save Princess Tenma in his new manga which he worked on most of the night and decides to take a nap somewhere as Yamuko reads it. People gather to the debut of class 2-c's play of Sleeping Beauty with seven main characters. The play starts with an evil sorcessess who cast a spell on a princess which made her sleep for 100 years in a tower. Six heroes emerged to rescue her from the curse and traveled to the tower which they were stopped by three sumo wrestlers. They were about to fight until Eri asks them nicely to allow them pass and they allowed them to do so. The heroes encountered a gate with vines and thorns covering it. They slashed the vine down only to have it come back to life. Eri defeats the cursed vines while Yakumo was reading Harima's manga when she hears about class 2-C raising the bed which contained Harima. She tries to wake him up but the bed raises up with both of them in it. Everyone discovers to their shock that Harima was sleeping on the bed.

The guys in the crowd are displeased by this since Mikito was supposed to be the princess but one of the guys mentions this developement as a great thing. Meanwhile, Mikoto was being questioned by the gym teacher for wearing the dress. Akira tells the heroes to keep going while Eri questions this since she has to kiss him. Then two spirits of a powerful sword descends down and asks them a riddle before they could get the sword. The riddle is rather basic one where what walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening which the answer is human but Tenma answers it incorrectly saying it's a monster. The spirits disappeared after that and not giving the sword to them. Harima finally wakes up to see that he's part of the play and manages to keep up with the act. So now the six heroes fight against the minions of the sorcessess and one by one, they get killed until Eri is the only one left. Eri was about to kiss Harima when the bed drapes close completely. She opens the drapes and finds Yamuko in the bed as well. Yamuko decides to play the sorcessess and fights Eri for the right to kiss the princess. Eri gets mad as Yamuko accidently hits her with her staff in the face. Yamuko whispers something to Eri which makes her drop her sword. Yamuko is forced into kissing the princess with the blessing of Tenma. Yamuko was about to kiss Harima but Akira descends down to the stage and kisses Harima instead. So the ending of the play was that the princess lived together with the female spy. Akira thanks Eri and Yakumo for covering up for the absence of Mikito.

The principal was talking about the post festival event which Karen tells Imadori that it will be interesting instead of boring. The popular band club hijack the stage which makes everyone began to dance. Hanai apologizes to Mikito about the play which she doesn't mind at all. He pushes her towards Asou who was dressed as a prince and began to dance which everyone was in shock. Yamuko apologizes to Tenma about the play which Tenma tells her to apologize to Eri for interfering with the play. Yamuko apologizes to Eri about the play which she was grateful for since she wouldn't have to kiss Harima and danced together. Yamuko tells her that she and Harima aren't going out but only helping him. In the end, everyone had a great time except for Harima who was crucified to the ceiling for sleeping on the bed.

This episode ends the cultural festival arc which began the second season off with the play having unexpected surprises and some clever rewrites and acting by two stand-ins. It also builds up a rivality between Eri and Yamuko who will probably fight for Harima at some point. It was a great episode. The next episode has the boys and girls going on a picnic.


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