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Monday, June 12, 2006

xxxHolic 2

Manga Chapters 3-7

Watankui prepares some food for Yuuko as Mokona, Maru, and Moro tell him that the pot was boiling over while complaining about Yuuko's crazy requests. Yuuko shows up and wants him to refill her sake when a customer enters the shop. She explains to the girl that she was enter the shop since she has a wish and explains the rules of the shop. The girl mentions that she can't move her right pinky which the hostipal couldn't explain it. Yuuko asks her if she has any bad habits which she says that she doesn't have any. Watankui notices there's smoke surrounding her pinky as Yuuko gives her a ring which she can use or not. The next day, Watankui was given a towel by Hinawari who's his crush. She praises him for scoring a goal but she also praises Doumeki for being an excellent goalie. He tries to say that those missed shots were just luck but Doumeki suddenly makes an appearance which he just didn't care as much. Hinawari asks Watankui if he was in any clubs which he says that he isn't as he describe his part time job to her. He was all happy as he talked to Hinawari but once he entered the shop, his mood changed when Yuuko says that his face is all wrong. He thought that she was talking about his facial features but she was talking about divination which she says that his face has the look of suffering. He describes Hinawari to her to prove her wrong but then thinks that Doumeki is the reason for his face. Yuuko thinks that Watankui and Doumeki are compatible with each other while Hinawari isn't his dream girl. Before Watankai was going to argue with Yuuko some more, she notices that the girl from yesterday has come back.

Watankui notices that she has no smoke around her as Yuuko says that she hasn't overcome her bad habit yet. She asks the girl her age which she says that she's 21. The black smoke suddenly appears around her after answering the question. Yuuko asks her where she works which she replies that she works in the planning division of an advertisement company which more smoke suddenly appears. Yuuko touches her lips and chest which her bad habits are coming from as she explains that she can't move her right arm now. Yuuko tells her that she needs to realize her bad habit before it's too late. The ring that Yuuko gave her has become dirtier and begun to crack. Yuuko asks her if she wanted some tea but she says that she has plans with her boyfriend which more smoke appeared. The smoke continued to appear as she describe her boyfriend which it makes Watankui sick. After the girl leaves the store, Yuuko mentions that she won't appear again as the smoke is causing her unable to move her finger which it reached its limit. Watankui asks Yuuko if he could leave early which she asks him if he's going to warn the girl about it as she needs to realize this by herself. She allows him to go but he's going to work extra tomorrow. He finds her leaving a dentistry and overhears two of her coworkers saying that she's turning 28 this year which she lied about being 21. The girl lies about her age on group dates and doesn't have a boyfriend. She keeps lying about the type of boyfriend she has from time to time and probably doesn't know her true age and profile anymore. Watankui sees the girl taking a survey which she lies on all the questions about her age, job, and martial status which the smoke covers her entire body. Then she meets with an old friend which she lies about the ring belonging to her boyfriend. She lies about going to be married by a doctor which the ring become dirtier and decides to take the ring off. The smoke covers her entire body causing her not to move and gets hit by a truck. Watankui takes the ring back to Yuuko after taking the girl to the hostipal. He asks her why she didn't tell her to stop lying which she answers that you can't someone to stop lying because you want them to. The ring crumbles in her hand as she goes on saying that the accident may help her to break her habit. The girl is recovering fine as the nurse asks her about Watankui which she didn't see anything to confirm the nurse's questions. Watankui asks Yuuko if she knew what was going to happen to her which she says that the world isn't predetermined but it's what you make of it. Afterwards, Yuuko has Watankui do some chores even though she said that she had the rest of the day off. Once again, Mokona, Maru, and Moro are telling Watankui that something is burning while they just stand there and do nothing.

This episode shows how Yuuko is unusally knowledgable about people's problems and can figure out the outcome of a situation which Watankui realizes at the end of the episode. The girl's habitual lying causes her to get into an accident on a busy intersection. The manga brings up something interesting about her lying as they think that since she's older than she looks, she lies about her age which just span to her job and martial status. This episode as introduces Hinawari and Doumeki which Doumeki doesn't appear until much later in the manga. Also some of the differences in the manga are that Watankui wasn't cooking at the beginning but cleaning the storeroom which he finds the staff of the Clow along with Yuuko foreshadowing Sakura and Syaroan's appearance. Watankui didn't meet Hinawari outside but at the entrance of the school which Doumeki wasn't around and only talk about his job with Yuuko. The girl didn't lie as much with the boyfriend thing in the manga. During the scene when the girl meets up with her old friend, their conversation was a little bit different along with Hinawari joining up with Watankui. There wasn't any scene at the hostipal while Yuuko didn't go to the storeroom where Mokonas were still sleeping. I think that xxxHolic isn't going to be related to Tsubasa at all now since the anime has taken a life of its own. The next episode has Watankui helping some high school girls with a pair of Chii ears along with Doumeki.


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