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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yakitate Japan 61

Manga Chapters 149-152?

A bunch of gangsters make their way towards the Southern Tokyo branch of Pantasia with the Manager standing in their way. Kanmuri was looking at an article about the Austrian court chef named Tsutsumi Masanobu as the first Japanese chef to receive the honor which you can only qualify for it only once. Kawachi thinks that Kanmuri is looking for a career change while Azuma tells them about the battle outside of the store. The Manager is holding his own against the gangsters until Kanmuri shows up which they all bow in front of him. Kanmuri reveals that his father is the head of the biggest yakuza group in Japan as his mother was a daughter of a rich family who loved his father's charm. They eventually got divorced which Kanmuri took his mother's name instead of his father. Kanmuri's father had another son which he wants one of them to run the family once he dies. Kanmuri's brother is Tsutsumi Masanobu who is the Austrian Court Chef who doesn't want to lead the family as well. The next battle of the Yakitate 9 will involve Team Pantasia against Tsutsumi and the loser of the battle will become the next leader of the family. Kanmuri can't go against the family as they would cause trouble for Pantasia. Kanmuri is somewhat confident that they can win since his skills with bread is better along with the support of Azuma and Kawachi who makes a point that Tsutsumi is based in Austria and doesn't know much about Japanese food. Tsutsumi choose the 9 square which reveals Shinanomachi in red which reveals jam a second later. They have to make the jam this time instead of better which worries Kanmuri greatly. He tells the freezing Kawachi and Azuma that two of the most famous Austrian foods both contain jam in them. Austria is famous for its jam-making tours which their kindergarteners can make jam just like the French kids in bread. Tsutsumi meets with Kanmuri and praises his extensive knowledge. He hands him a Berliner which Kawachi tastes it and becomes a ballerina. Tsutsumi mentions that real jam can be made only be someone who studied Austrian culture and any other jam is just a mere fake. While on a train, Tsutsumi asked someone if the seat next to him was taken which was not. The guy knew who Tsutsumi and praises him for being so great. The guy mentions that he has a son who's not so special which Tsutsumi mentions that he was a complete idiot from birth. He mentions about his genius brother Kanmuri and didn't like being compared to him. He tells the guy to make his son have a strong inferiority complex along with a deep hatred. Team Pantasia arrives at Lake Nojiriko which Kanmuri is surprised by Kawachi's knowledge of the area and even his selection of ingredients. Azuma was on his knees which Kanmuri suggested that he may have to fight by himself if he collaspes which he does a second later.

Azuma has acute tonsilitis which he will be fine in three or four days. With Azuma out of the picture for now, Kanmuri and Kawachi decided to get rhubarb at the moment. Meanwhile at the Hashiguchi estate, one of Kanmuri's father's thugs thinks that a cooking battle in choosing the next head is rather odd and wants to use thug ways. The father mentions how Tsutsumi kept hearing about his genius brother all the time and that the battle will be full of pride and spirit. Then he talks about he wanted to be a manga aritst. Kanmuri has Kawachi tasted some rhubarb which he creates a crown of rhubarb on his head along with a crown for Kanmuri. He suggests that they should use freeze-concentration equipment to lower the item's water content while containing its taste, fragrance, and color. Kawachi believe that they can defeat him now but Kanmuri thinks otherwise as Tsutsumi shows up. He tells Kanmuri that he's going to use volcanic rocks to make jam fondue. Kanmuri goes to ten different wine shops and explains that volcanic rocks won't make the jam stick to the pot because of the far-infrared rays emitted while boiling. This allows to bring the jam's flavor out more compared to warming it up after being frozen being the freeze-concentration equipment which destroys the taste, texture, and fragrance. Kawachi asks Kanmuri what he's looking for when he accidently knocks a wine rack and didn't break anyone along with finding the item that Kanmuri was looking for which was Kifu wine. Kawachi tastes the wine which he gets images of Gifu in his head. They think that they could beat Tsutsumi now but he shows up and asks for calvados which he's going to use it to make jam flambe instead of jam fondue. Azuma disappears from his hositpal room while Kawachi is surprised by the lodge this time since they usually have crap places to stay as Kanmuri thinks that they are going to lose. Kawachi apologizes for his shortcomings while Azuma shows up and tells them to not give up.

This episode reveals Kanmuri's family history which the next battle involves a battle of brothers to keep their dreams alive. With Azuma being sick and all and Kawachi is useless as usual, it's up to Kanmuri to battle against his brother in the subject that he has the advantage in. At this point, I had only read up to the point where Kanmuri and Tsutsumi meet each other face to face and will do the differences for up to that point. One change is that the gangster who threaten the Manager with a sword actually had a gun in the manga. I'm guessing they still are toning down the violent aspect along with omitting the part where the rest of the heirs were all killed. Also, Kawachi didn't have the reaction with the Berliner which in the manga Tsutsumi was talking to a taxi driver and had him to stop from eating it or he will turn into a ballerina. Of course, the difference with the Yakitate 9 and Yakitate 25 is still in effect. The next episode will be the actual battle which Kawachi is useless as ever along with Tsukino in a harem costume.


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