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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid OVA

Tessa was giving orders to her crew during an enemy attack when Mardukas suddenly turned into Sousuke along with the whole crew who confess their love to her. That was just a dream as Tessa wakes up in a dazed state. Sousuke was during a battle simulation when Tessa came in half-naked. He was all confused and very neverous as the simulation was reporting back to him in a very ironic way to his current situation with Tessa. She doesn't realize that she's talking to the real Sousuke not the dream one until a few moments later. Her clumsiness just made things worse as she revealed more of her body to him and left the room apologizing many times and embarrassed. After getting dressed, Tessa talked to Mao about what happened just now. She told Tessa that she was lucky that nobody else was around to see her half-naked along with that Sousuke wouldn't tell anyone about it but Tessa is depressed because it was Sousuke who saw her. She wanted to spend the day with him today but that is all lost now. Mao was confused on how Tessa was sleeping on the bridge instead of the base. She remembers that she went to Mao's room and drank with her for a little bit but doesn't remember much after that. She tells her that she's missing her Bonta-kun doll from her room which Mao remembers that she was holding it after Mao left the room. Mao gave Tessa alcohol instead of juice which she got mad at her. Mao shows Tessa that she's been working on giving the M9s more advanced movements unmanned which meant that she had them to do the Tango. It was working well until one of the robots crashed into a wall. Tessa wasn't pleased as she had Mao take a pay cut, submit letters of apology for the entire team and damage assessments by tomorrow. Tessa went to the Quartermaster office about her stuffed animal which she wasn't going to admit what it was when Weber entered the room. He came to the room to drop off some anime that he found in the locker area. He leaves soon after without signing the record book as the supply officer says that no one has reported anything since yesterday. He tells her that he can tell her when it turns up which she says that she will come by again later. Then Grouseaux shows up who was looking for his anime that he left in the locker room. He was rather embarrassed by it as Tessa found out about it and tells her not to speak about it. He's worry about his image even though he says otherwise. She suggests that he shouldn't watch them anymore which made him killed himself but it was a joke. After Grouseaux left, the supply master asked about Tessa's item which she wouldn't say what it was and left as well. Tessa was walking in the hallway trying to figure out what happened to her stuffed animal. She remembers that someone called her last night which it was Kalinin. She left the room with her stuffed animal while heading towards Kalinin.

Tessa showed up at Kalinin's room who was making some Borsch which he called Sousuke to join them but couldn't come due to an appointment. She asked Kalinin what they talked about last night which he wanted to conduct an early warning test on the base and wanted her approval. He stopped the test soon after he hearded word that she couldn't come because she was too tired. Mardukas was the one who told Kalinin to stop the test which she was surprised as she didn't want him to see her like that. Kalinin finished with his Borsch which is based on his dead wife's version of it. This is his best attempt at it which Tessa took a bite and it was awful to her. She had to lie about it being delicious which he took a bite and said it was good too just like how his wife made it. His wife would scold him for being away almost all the time but would make this dish when he came home. She doubted that he love it which Tessa thinks that she was trying to get revenge on him by bad cooking (I think he has a cast iron stomach.) Tessa realized that Sousuke purposely got out of it since he knew it was bad cooking. She decides to go to Mardukas's place who might have a clue about her stuffed animal but runs into a running Weber who hides and tells her not to blow his hiding spot. Grouseaux appears a moment later and asks her about Weber's whearabouts which she lies about it and asks him why he was after him. He was watching a cross between Detective Conan and Future Boy Conan when he saw two pigs kissing each other. After Grouseaux leaves, Weber tells Tessa that he did it for revenge for the other day. Tessa said that he went too far as he tamper with something that he treasured and apologized to him for it. Grouseaux came back and fought Weber with a broom and eventually hand to hand as she tried to get them to stop. Mardukas manages to get them to stop and lectures them for a while which somehow Tessa got lectured as well. After the lecture, Tessa apologize to him about being drunk which he had no idea what she was talking about. Sousuke was the one who told Mardukas that Tessa couldn't attend which he mentions that Sousuke was about to leave for Tokyo. She remembers that she was wondering around drunk when she met with Sousuke and said some things that she wouldn't normally say. She forced him to take her to the sub which she fell asleep on the bridge and he had the animal with her. Tessa runs towards the hanger area which she manages to catch Sousuke before he left for Tokyo and apologizes to him. She confesses her love to him which he mistook it as she loves alcohol. He promises to keep last night a secret and that Mao has her stuffed animal. Tessa talks to Mao about he misunderstood everything and blames her for drinking alcohol. She was about to leave which Mao ask her how her day was which said it was horrible and wished that everyday was like this.

When I first heard about this OVA being about a day in the life of Tessa, I thought it would be focused around high school and such but being around the base was great. Tessa being half-naked and meeting Sousuke like that was great especially when you have the computer calling the play by play ironically. The dancing M9s was great especially when Tessa act all cheerful when punishing Mao for the damage to the base and the M9. The whole thing about the stuffed animal and the anime in the supply office was just great as well. I really think Kalinin has a cast iron stomach as eating military food develops a taste for bad cooking. Poor Tessa as she confessed her feelings to Sousuke only to be misunderstood by him but that is like Sousuke to misunderstand something that basic as usual. It was a great OVA overall.


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